2 new “murder hornets” found in Washington state after nest removal last month

Asian giant hornets have continued to emerge in Washington state. Two new sightings have been confirmed near where the Washington State Department of Agriculture wiped out a nest last month.

Officials say they were guided to the nest by a tracking device they attached to a captured hornet about a week earlier. They also received calls from people in the area who reported hornet sightings.

It was the first nest found in 2021. The officials worked quickly to get rid of it even if the hornets attacked them. Fortunately, no people were injured.

This invasive species, known as the murder hornet, was first spotted last year.

WSDA officials tracked and wiped out a nest in October, but they say the one they found this year was three times bigger.

So far, sightings have been limited to part of Washington state near the Canadian border, and officials say they are doing their best to contain this problem.

The WSDA urges people to keep trapping and reporting sightings as community collaboration is the only way to stop this problem.

Tips can be submitted online to the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

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