7 bed bug myths debunked

Truth: There are reputable dog handlers with well trained bed bug sniffer dogs and there are cheaters with untrained dogs. There are also reputable insect sniffer dogs who occasionally make mistakes. “What I always say is don’t just trust the dog,” explains Potter. “Confirm with a visible one [human] Inspection.”

Dogs and handlers should have proper accreditation and verifiable training from reputable organizations such as the Forensic and Scientific Training Investigations Center, the World Detector Dog Organization, and the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.

As for bed bug detection by itself, Potter says, if you suspect there is a problem, there are a few things to look out for on your sheet: tiny hard brown dots the size of a pen tip (bed bug droppings) and tiny blood stains that you could have smashed a bed bug while rolling over them. Potter says you might also see sesame seed-sized white eggs in little lumps in or around furniture.

If you’re not sure what a bed bug looks like, here’s how.

And remember, if you are not seeing any of the above issues in your home and your only concern is bite marks, the problem could be something else. There are many insects that bite at night.

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