7 Signs Your Home Needs Professional Pest Control Services The Examiner

Once you notice some unwanted pests, it can be harmful to both your home and family in the long run.

Certain insects like termites and rodents can cause significant damage to your property if not controlled.

Homeowners face several concerns, but when there is a pest infestation, it should not be ignored.

If these creatures roam free on your property, they can pose a health hazard. If there are pests in your home, your best bet is to seek professional pest control services.

If you are considering solving the problem yourself, it can be time consuming and costly.

If you want to keep your home pest free, here are the signs that it is time to seek help from a professional for effective removal.

1. Presence of feces in your home

One of the main indicators of pest infestation in your home is feces. Some of the pests that usually leave feces on the infested site are:

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Termites

The feces of mice and rats are mostly small pellets of dark color, which can be recognized by their strong odor.

Be aware that rodent feces are likely to transmit bacteria and disease. If you find these little pellets in your home, call a professional right away.

Termite droppings look similar to rodent droppings and also have a pungent odor.

The feces are small pellets with a grain-like appearance that vary in color depending on the diet. When dealing with termites, Pest-Ex termite treatments can help keep your home safe.

Cockroach droppings have no odor in small brown or black cylindrical pellets. The droppings are strikingly similar to coffee grounds.

Always remember that pests can be destructive, which can be a costly test.

When dealing with pests before damage occurs to your home, schedule regular inspections by a professional for pest damage such as holes, gnawed furniture, and damage to furniture, wiring, and skirting boards.

Unfortunately, damage to your home suggests that the infestation has been around for some time and it is likely that there is invisible damage.

After locating pest damage, it is best to consult a Gold Coast professional, such as Pest Control by Pest-Ex, to avoid costly repairs to your home’s infrastructure.

If you have significant pests like mice, rats, and raccoons, they are usually active at night when human activity is low as they are nocturnal.

It simply means that you hear unusual noises like scratching, squeaking, or rushing at night.

Listen for unusual noises from the attic, walls, ceiling, floorboards, or crawl space.

As soon as you notice something unusual, do the right thing by calling a professional.

4th Presence of exoskeletons and wings

Some winged insects are likely to leave wings or exoskeletons behind when they molt or molt.

It is important to note that winged ants are notorious for dropping wings along with crickets and termites. The termite wings are easy to distinguish because the prismatic surface is strikingly reminiscent of fish scales from a distance.

Ticks shed their exoskeletons a number of times throughout the life cycle of an infestation. If you find dried exoskeletons in your home, it indicates an infestation.

Rodents are likely to leave bite marks in areas around food sources. Examine closets, trash cans, pantries, and cardboard boxes for signs of rodent activity.

Some insects like cockroaches and ants will also move towards food sources and you may find them invading your food supplies.

Termites use the foundation of your home as a source of food.

Over time, warping or kinking can occur where their nest is located. While this is not considered bite marks, termites can leave evidence in areas they have eaten.

6th Unpredictable pet behavior

If pests are present, your pets will know. Cats become alert when they see rodent activity in your home.

The same goes for cockroaches, which are easier for them to spot. When you have a tick infestation, your dogs itch all the time and cannot stay calm.

7th Discover pests several times a day

Once you discover pests daily or several times a day, you need pest control services.

You might find a trail of ants on the table tops or counters or mice running around in the living room or kitchen.

Depending on the type of pests you find in your home, it is important to make the right choice by hiring a pest control service. If you experience any of these signs of a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to call a professional to get rid of them efficiently. Maintaining a clean and safe home that is pest free should always be your priority.

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