94 square mile area of ​​San Jose placed in fruit fly quarantine – CBS San Francisco

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – State agricultural officials have advised residents of the southern and eastern parts of the city of San Jose not to move home-grown fruits and vegetables out of the area after invasive fruit flies were discovered from Asia.

According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), a 94 square mile area of ​​the city was quarantined after six oriental fruit flies were discovered near the Santa Clara County Fairground.

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The quarantine area is roughly bordered by Alum Rock to the north, South Bascom Avenue to the west, Santa Teresa County Park to the south, and Joseph D. Grant County Park to the east.

Map of San Jose Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine. (California Department of Food and Agriculture)

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While residents of the quarantine area are asked not to take home-grown fruit and vegetables off their property, they can still be consumed on site. For the time being, officials said fruit and vegetables should either be disposed of in the garbage disposal or double-packed in regular garbage, not green waste.

According to the CDFA, the oriental fruit fly targets more than 230 different fruit, vegetable and plant raw materials. The flies usually enter California via fruit and vegetables illegally brought by travelers or contaminated products sent in the mail.

While the flies are widespread in South Asia, they have invaded other parts of the world, including Africa and Hawaii.

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Officials said the infestation will be eliminated by placing small patches of fly attractant and organic pesticides on trees and other surfaces about 10 feet above the ground to attract and kill male fruit flies. Earlier this year, CDFA officials performed the treatments in a 15 square mile area in East San Jose.

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