According to the national pest control company, St. Louis is one of the “craziest” cities in the United States

(NEXSTAR) – Do you live in a rat infested nightmare landscape?

If you live in a big city, the answer is likely yes. But there’s a good chance you aren’t living in the country’s most heavily rat-infested nightmare landscape – at least according to results from a national pest control company.

This week Orkin released its 2021 list of the “rattest cities” in the US, ranked 50th in the country’s busiest metropolitan area by “the number of new rodent treatments” performed in the last year. In particular, Orkin investigated new rodent treatments performed in both residential and commercial properties between September 15, 2020 and September 15, 2021.

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Taking the top spot in 2021 – and keeping its streak alive – is Chicago, a city that Orkin has named the “rattest” city in the country for the seventh consecutive year.

Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, and San Francisco rounded out the top 5, which have remained unchanged since the 2020 list. Meanwhile, Baltimore climbed two places to # 6, lost Detroit to # 8 and overtook Philadelphia, whose rank has remained constant at # 7 since 2020.

While the “rattest cities” of 2021 remained largely unchanged, many of the cities in the lower part of the list had shifted or clawed on top of each other, like so many rats in a nest. Most notably, Portland, Maine, climbed 26 spots to 38th, marking his very first appearance in the top 50 since Orkin began his ranking.

Orkin says the rats themselves also became more erratic in their behavior, in part as a result of COVID-related shutdowns.

“The pandemic-induced restaurant closings have forced rodents to find new sources of food,” said an Orkin press release this week. “Without consuming any food waste, these pests have been seen conquering new territories and exhibiting unusual or aggressive behavior.”

The company also urged homeowners or apartment residents to remain vigilant when it comes to rodent infestations.

“After a year of depleted resources, residential real estate is the ideal habitat for rodents, and once they settle in they can reproduce quickly and in large numbers,” said Ben Hottel, an orkin entomologist who wrote the news release.

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A full list of Orkin’s “rattest cities” is below, with plus (+) or minus (-) symbols indicating their change from last year’s list:

  1. Chicago
  2. The angel
  3. new York
  4. Washington, DC
  5. San Francisco
  6. Baltimore (+2)
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Detroit (-2)
  9. Denver
  10. Cleveland (+1)
  11. Seattle (+1)
  12. Minneapolis (-2)
  13. Boston
  14. Indianapolis (+1)
  15. Atlanta (-1)
  16. Pittsburgh (+2)
  17. San Diego (+2)
  18. Houston (-1)
  19. Cincinnati (+3)
  20. Dallas (-4)
  21. Hartford, Connecticut. (+6)
  22. Milwaukee (+2)
  23. Miami (-3)
  24. Portland, Oregon (-1)
  25. Kansas City (+5)
  26. Columbus, Ohio. (+2)
  27. Norfolk, Virginia. (-2)
  28. Richmond, Virginia. (+5)
  29. Sacramento (+7)
  30. St. Louis (+7)
  31. Albany, New York (+7)
  32. Big Rapids (-3)
  33. New Orleans (-12)
  34. Flint, Michigan. (+8)
  35. Raleigh, North Carolina (-9)
  36. Nashville (-2)
  37. Champaign, Illinois (+2)
  38. Portland, Maine (+26)
  39. Burlington, Virginia. (+8)
  40. Louisville, Kentucky. (+13)
  41. Buffalo, New York
  42. Charlotte (-11)
  43. Phoenix (-11)
  44. Greenville, South Carolina (-9)
  45. Green bay
  46. Syracuse (-2)
  47. Charleston, West Virginia (+4)
  48. Dayton (+1)
  49. Albuquerque (-1)
  50. Tampa (-9)

For more information on preventing the presence of rodents, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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