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Living in a dengue hotspot? Or perhaps you need termite, cockroach, rodent or ant pest control? Anticimex is an experienced company in Singapore that offers an affordable pest control service for homes and businesses. They also use environmentally friendly solutions that are safe for humans, pets and the environment. Here’s how they tackle some of Singapore’s most common household.

Pest control service for termites

Anticimex offers two kinds of treatment for subterranean termites. The pest control service uses above-ground baiting stations placed near infestations in existing structures. Periodic follow-ups and bait replenishment are carried out by their in-house service professionals until the colony is exterminated.

The second involves preventive measures for an existing building to prevent or halt subterranean termite invasions by injecting an environmentally friendly termiticide solution around the building. There’s also a seven-year warranty for the serviced building.

Pest control service for mosquitoes

Mosquitos are one of the most common pests in Singapore, causing life-threatening illnesses such as dengue fever. If you have a garden, or worry about hidden pools of stagnant water, larvicide is an effective solution. The treatment involves inspection and application of larvicide in various forms (granules, oil and liquid pesticides) to potential breeding or harborage areas.

Another effective pest control service offered is thermal fogging, where heat is used to vaporize the fogging solution, creating a dense cloud of fog which envelopes the outdoor areas and exterminates adult mosquitos that are in contact within the treated areas or surfaces.

Anticimex Mosquito Repellent

An alternative environmentally friendly treatment option to control adult mosquitoes is the misting treatment that uses an ultra-low volume misting machine to create a long-lasting mosquito repellent barrier between resting areas and inhabited areas.

Anticimex also has environmentally friendly mosquito traps that effectively reduce and control the mosquito population within your premises.

Pest control service for cockroaches and ants

There are a variety of options available for cockroach and ant infestations. Residual spraying involves the use of an odorless pesticide that’s safe for indoor use. This exterminates infestations and creates lasting residual protection.

Anticimex Cockroach Pest Control Treatment

Another pest control service offered is gel baiting. Anticimex uses a small amount of bait applied in areas such as cracks or crevices that commonly harbor cockroaches or ants. The bait is readily transferred through the colony resulting in complete extermination.

24/7 digital rodent control

Rodents reproduce quickly and can become a major problem if not addressed quickly. With Anticimex SMART, a 24/7 digital rodent control service, you’ll stay ahead of rats and mice and fight the problem with data, instead of poison.

Rodent Trap

By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, it prevents pest infestations in an environmentally friendly way. This unique solution gives you the best of both worlds: automation and expertise.

The SMART system uses non-toxic traps and 24/7 monitoring devices to turn traditional pest control from a reactive guessing game into fact-based science that detects pests before you even see them.

Anticimex rodent control

Anticimex offers solutions for homes and businesses

Founded in Sweden in 1934, Anticimex has years of experience serving over 3 million customers in 20 countries worldwide. The company offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions for pest control in both homes and businesses. Anticimex is also licensed by NEA and offers a 24/7 hotline. For more information on available services and quotations, visit their website here.

Anticimex Pest Control Service mosquito repellent

Written in collaboration with Anticimex

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