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ORLANDO, Florida- Massey services announced that it has expanded operations in Texas, Georgia and Florida by opening several new service centers in those states.

The company opened three new Texas service centers in Denton, Frisco and McKinney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Massey also opened a new service center in Doral, Florida to further expand its presence in the South Florida market. Massey opened two new service center locations in The Villages community. They now have a total of eight offices in The Villages, Florida providing pest, termite, landscaping, and irrigation services. The company also opened a new service center in Decatur, Georgia to better serve its customers in northeast Atlanta.

Massey Services also opened two new GreenUP Landspace service centers in Orange Park, Florida and Destin, Florida. Additionally, they now offer their landscaping service in Marietta, Cumming and Dallas, Georgia. Massey’s green landscaping service includes ventilation, custom fertilizers, pH testing and targeted weed, insect and disease control.

Finally, Massey Services opened new commercial service centers in Cocoa, Florida; Clearwater, Florida; and Baton Rouge, La. These offices provide commercial pest control and disinfection services to all types of businesses including healthcare, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and many more.

“These new locations continue to build Massey service centers in local markets to improve growth opportunities and better serve our customers,” said Tony Massey, President of Massey Services. “We are very happy about these new openings and extensions, which offer our team members advertising opportunities and demonstrate our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction.”


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