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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – With the city seeing an increase in roach infestations, the Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) wants residents to know what to do and who to contact if an infestation occurs in their neighborhood.

People across the region spoke to CBS13 this year about increased cockroach sightings in late spring and summer.

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The SASD says it is doing nothing extraordinary this year to combat this infestation. The agency said it is performing its usual fogging and baiting practices, which involve releasing an insecticide mist and leaving bait behind to kill any remaining cockroaches. There are also ongoing inspections and cleanings of sewer pipes in areas where cockroaches have occurred in the past.

One recently introduced method that sewers are using to fight infestation is by painting manholes, which provide a long-term solution by painting the inside walls of a manhole with insecticide to help get rid of cockroaches over time. The SASD said 1,100 manholes across the county’s coverage area had been painted with insecticides.

The district has approximately 4,600 miles of sewerage and supplies approximately 1.2 million people in the Sacramento area, including the county’s unincorporated areas, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, portions of Folsom and Sacramento, Courtland and Walnut Grove.

If you notice an infestation on your property, the SASD is just one of a number of contacts you can call for help. The Sewer District advises calling them if there are infestations near manholes, calling local rainwater providers for cockroach sightings near gullies, and calling pest control companies for situations where cockroaches have invaded your home or around your property.

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The SASD says cockroaches are attracted to damp and dark places, including crawl spaces, rain drains, floor drains, and plumbing. Sources of water and decaying organic matter are major draws for the insect. During the high heat and arid conditions experienced by the Sacramento area, roaches seek water and shelter, and move around until they find an ideal habitat, which can include areas around property.

Tips for reducing cockroach activity include:

  • Remove food, water, and shelter sources that might attract them
  • Collect feed between feedings
  • Remove and store rubbish properly
  • create rock barriers between mulch, soil and foundation

When it comes to manhole painting, the SASD advises waiting three weeks for the insecticide to do its best before contacting them for another inspection. With fogging and baiting, the district says to wait 7-10 days before calling to report more cockroach sightings.

Unused floor drains can be an access point for cockroaches, according to SASD. It is recommended that floor drains be rinsed weekly and, if desired, equipped with lockable lids and rubber stoppers. The outside of plumbing is often where roaches like to step onto properties, so the SASD also advises residents to ensure there are no holes around the plumbing that gets into the property.

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The Sewer District confirms that its cockroach control methods are safe for the environment and public health.

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