Bayer sells Environmental Science Professional division

On February 24, Bayer announced its intention to divest the company’s Environmental Science Professional (ES) business as part of “plans to accelerate the strategic execution of the Crop Science division.”

Some of the products Bayer is known for in the lawn and landscaping market are Specticle, Celsius, Topchoice, Merit and Tribute Total.

After the company issued a press release, which you can read below, sister publications of Lawn & Landscape Pest Control Technology and Golf Course Industry spoke to Gilles Gaillou about the announcement. There were some food stalls here.

Bayer had long considered selling ES, said Gaillou. “Maybe these investments are better placed outside.”

The division operates on multiple continents, and Bayer has invested considerable time following the announcement to communicate with employees about how the divestment will affect operations and customer interactions.

“This will not affect our employees or our relationship with our customers,” says Galliou. “This case is based on growth, not cost management. Hence, we will continue to fully involve our customers with the team we have today. Throughout the process, our main focus is on maintaining the service and product, as well as commitment to our customers. It won’t affect that relationship. We expect that it may offer these customers and employees additional opportunities in the short and medium term. “

The decision to divest Environmental Science will set in motion a lengthy separation process.

“This is just the beginning of the assessment that Environmental Science is an independent company, and it’s a process that will take us through mid-2022 before it’s complete,” says Galliou. “So it’s a marathon, a long process. It is not easy to separate a fully integrated division. “

Below is the company’s official press release.

MONHEIM – Bayer announced a series of decisions to accelerate the implementation of its Crop Science strategy. In order to concentrate on the agricultural core business, this includes the intention to divest the Environmental Science Professional division of the company. It includes environmental solutions for pest, disease and weed control in non-agricultural areas such as vector control, professional pest control, industrial vegetation management, forestry, and lawn and ornamental plants.

To further drive performance and growth in the division’s commercial region, Bayer has appointed Dr. Jacqueline M. Applegate appointed to lead the Crop Science North America region effective March 1, 2021. She currently leads the Division’s Environmental Science and Vegetable Seeds businesses. In addition to her appointment, the company appointed Dr. Jeremy Williams, currently Global Head of Plant Biotechnology at Crop Science, as the new Head of Climate Corporation and Digital Farming, and Tom Armitage of Mondelez as Head of Global Communications for Crop Science. Both come into force on March 15, 2021. All three executives will join the Crop Science Executive Leadership Team and will play key roles in accelerating the division’s transformation.

In addition, Bayer has appointed Gilles Galliou, currently Head of Commercial Business for Bayer Vegetable Seeds Americas, to head the Environmental Science business and the proposed divestment. Effective June 1, 2021, the global Environmental Science business will be headquartered in Cary, North Carolina. Inci Dannenberg, currently head of global strategic marketing for vegetable seeds, has also been appointed to lead the global vegetable seeds business of Crop Science, based in. appointed St. Louis, Missouri. Both appointments are effective from March 1st, 2021.

“With the announced portfolio and management changes as well as important new product approvals for soybeans, corn and cotton in America, we are now switching from integration to growth acceleration. Our focus is on the commercialization and transformation of agriculture through innovations that benefit farmers, consumers and our planet, ”said Liam Condon, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and President of the Crop Science Division. “Like farmers everywhere, we have faced challenges in recent years; However, I am very excited about the prospects for our Crop Science business. The global coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of agriculture and a sustainable food system, and the crucial role science can play in solving difficult problems. Driving innovation, accelerating the digital transformation of agriculture and supporting the decarbonization of the food system are at the heart of our vision to feed a growing population without starving the planet. ”

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