Bed bugs – 8 tips to avoid bringing these creepy crawly animals back from vacation

Separate clean clothes from dirty ones

Bed bugs are more attracted to dirty clothes than clean clothes, Vicki pointed out.

While you probably won’t go to the laundromat on a weeklong vacation, there is a way to separate the dirty clothes in your suitcase from the clean clothes.

Vicki said, “If you are packing for a trip, take a spare plastic bag for your dirty clothes and knot it every time you add it.”

If you do laundry while on vacation and share the laundry room with others, be extra careful.

Vicki explained, “If you are transporting your laundry, keep it in a plastic bag and after washing, take it out of the dryer and put it right back in the bag. Fold them at home, where it’s safer. “

Let cool down

If you are still concerned about your room not being completely clean, stick with the air conditioning.

According to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), the ideal temperature for an adult bed bug to thrive is between 21 and 32 ° C, so it’s best to keep your room cool at night.

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