Benalla Rotary reminds the public of the Queensland Fruit Fly

Now, in late spring, there are a number of vital tasks that home gardeners can undertake to manage the Queensland Fruit Fly.

The Rotary Club of Benalla has supported the community for many years.

A Rotary spokesperson said that this time of year, it is important to set fruit fly traps anywhere on your property that have host plants such as fruit trees.

“Trapping is done as part of your overall management plan as it first alerts you to the presence of fruit flies,” said the spokesman.

Protection: A properly installed Queensland fruit fly net over a backyard vegetable patch. Photographer: Contributed.

“Traps are not a control measure, but they do indicate that prevention strategies need to be implemented.

“Your trap should be set up in an open area of ​​shade about halfway between the trunk and the outer edge of the foliage, about 1.6 meters above the ground.”

These traps must be monitored weekly.

“It’s also important to pick and dispose of excess ripe citrus fruits, especially late-season grapefruit, tangelos, tangerines and oranges,” the spokesman said.

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“Early ripening fruits like medlars are also a risky fruit at this time of the year.

“At this time of year, many gardeners have tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants that are planted or ready.

“Having a forward-looking plan on how to protect them so you can get a fruit fly-free harvest is a necessity.

“Remember, QFFs are only about 7mm long, so they can get through very small gaps or holes in nets.

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“Each female is able to lay the maximum 200 eggs. (They are) small creatures that cause a lot of damage. “

An exclusion net is the best way to keep your fruits and vegetables free of fruit flies.

It also protects ripening products from other pests, such as green vegetable bugs or birds.

The Rotary Club of Benalla has exclusion nets for sale and can also advise you on proper netting installation.

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“The club also has information packs that cover most aspects of fruit fly control that home gardeners should be aware of,” the spokesman said.

“If you do not intend to control fruit flies in your garden, it is best to remove any fruit plants and trees that might be hosts to fruit flies.”

If you need help removing unwanted fruit trees, you can contact the Rotary Club of Benalla.

She may be able to assist with the removal, but this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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For more information, you can contact the Rotary Club of Benalla on Facebook @benallarotaryclub or by email [email protected]

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