Best Rat Trap 2021: Our Pick of the Cleanest, Most Efficient Pest Eliminator On The Market

Rats are not something you want to find in or around your home unless your pets are. Uninvited rats can be difficult to handle, especially since most of the deterrents that work on mice have little effect on larger vermin and once inside are difficult to get rid of.

A rat infestation, be it just a few determined rodents or a whole bunch of mischief (which, funnily enough, is the catchphrase for a rat family) can be harmful to your home as well as dangerous to children and animals. It’s also more than a little unsettling to know that they are in the walls, in the attic, or walking around your property.

Wild rats can be very aggressive when cornered: they won’t duck and run away when faced with humans. Whichever method you choose, lethal or non-lethal, you will be pleased to know that most rat trapping methods these days are geared towards more humane options.

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How to choose the best rat trap for you

Rat traps – aren’t they all the same?

Only if your picture of rat traps comes solely from their depiction in cartoons. In reality, these classic snap traps, which are made of a thick metal wire attached to a small piece of wood, are still commercially available, but no longer popular because they cause unnecessary suffering. Instead of neatly breaking the vermin’s neck, they mutilate it and let it die a slow, agonizing death.

Instead, there are other ways to remove a lethal and non-fatal infestation, including poison bait traps, trap and release cages, and – for those of you who play too much Call of Duty – a fully automatic, gas-powered bolt-action trap that does the killing on your ‘digital Strike Counter ‘records.

We have compiled the best examples of all of these here so that you can make your choices based on budget, ethical sensitivity, and confidence in dealing with a still living rat that you have caught.

So if you don’t go for the rodenticide poison, the only other question is the bait.

Don’t I just bait with cheese?

Again we are back in the wonderful world of cartoons. While a piece of cheese might work, you will get much better results using a bait that specifically appeals to a rat’s appetite. Rentokil’s pest control experts recommend peanut butter, tuna, or chocolate spread as far more appealing options for rats, but make sure you place your trap so it doesn’t attract pets or children.

So where should I put my trap?

Rats are cautious creatures, so they prefer to wander along the edges of walls. So place your trap flat on the floor against a wall that you know rodents are active on.

Rats are also naturally wary of new objects, so even if you may not achieve overnight success, be patient with your trap and where you set it.

How do I deal with rats that I catch?

With gloves. Whether dead or alive, rats can transmit salmonella, trichinosis and Weil’s disease and should therefore not be touched with bare hands. Anything the rat (s) comes in contact with should be washed thoroughly after disposal and garbage should always be double-wrapped in trash bags before storing it in a secure trash can.

If you choose to catch and release, move the cage to an uninhabited natural forest or field area, place the cage on the ground, and open the trap door. The rat will do the rest.

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One more thing?

Yes, if you want to bait your trap with a rodenticide, make sure you keep all spare baits safe and secure, away from children, and always wear gloves when baiting the trap.

The best rat traps to buy in 2021

1. Roshield Tamper Proof Rodent Box & Bait: Best rodenticide-based rat trap

Price: £ 15 | Buy now from Amazon

The Roshield Box and Bait Trap may not be on the “humane” side of the pest control fence, but this is a highly effective and efficient system – and one of the most popular ways to control rat infestation.

The package consists of a lockable bait box and a rodenticide wax block. The bait is loaded onto a metal skewer and hung in the box, which is then securely locked to be positioned on a wall in the infested area.

The bait – an irresistible blend of culinary-grade wheat flour mixed with chopped wheat, other grains, and proteins linked together by edible waxes – is designed to be resistant to both tampering and the appearance of curious children’s fingers, with a unique chocolatey aroma to attract vermin.

It is important to handle the bait and trap with gloves, and the bait should be carefully kept out of the reach of children and pets. It is also important to avoid breathing in bait dust.

Main Specifications – Pest Control Method: Poison; Type of pest control: Fatal; Purpose of use: Inside Outside; Baits contain: 300 g; Dimensions: 30.48 x 22.86 x 22.86 cm

2. STV Pest Free Plastic & Metal Rat Traps 2-Pack: Best affordable rat trap

Price: £ 5 | Buy now at Screwfix

The plastic and metal STV rat trap set gives you two traps for £ 5. If you want to double your chances of a successful kill in a given area or cover two different suspected infested areas, this is a bargain buy.

Made of high quality plastic and metal, these sturdy traps are quick and easy to bait thanks to a special one-touch setting. The deep bait bowl ensures that rats really have to stick their heads in, resulting in a quick, efficient termination once the feather is triggered, without the need to clean blood or guts.

Can be used again and again both inside and outside the house, the catch can then simply be disposed of and the traps can be reset in seconds. For only € 5 you really can’t go wrong.

Main Specifications – Pest Control Method: Mechanically; Type of pest control: Fatal; Purpose of use: Inside Outside; Baits contain: N; Dimensions: 142 x 75 x 65 mm

Buy now at Screwfix

3. Goodnature A24: Best Human Killing Rat Trap

Price: £ 140 | Buy now at Goodnature Traps

We are now firmly at the expensive end of the rat trap spectrum: The A24 model from Goodnature uses a gas-powered bolt system to destroy vermin instantly and ensure no suffering.

Thanks to the included mounting block, the A24 is easy to mount indoors or outdoors and uses a bait bottle that can simply be filled and then screwed into the mechanism. As soon as a rat tries to get to the bait source via the feed tube, it triggers a trigger that immediately fires the CO2-powered bolt. As soon as the rat is exterminated, it falls free and the A24’s Digital Strike Counter counts the killings.

Each bait bottle automatically dispenses non-toxic for six months, while the CO2 canister (three of which are included) is enough for 24 strokes before it needs to be replaced. And for ultimate ease of use, the mechanism automatically resets itself until the canister is empty.

Main Specifications – Pest Control Method: Mechanically; Type of pest control: Fatal; Purpose of use: Inside Outside; Baits contain: N; Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 8 cm

Buy now at Goodnature Traps

4. The Big Cheese Large Rat Cage Trap: Best rat trap to catch and release

Price: £ 19 | Buy it on Amazon

There is another, somewhat old-fashioned, humane way to deal with rodent infections: cage trapping and release.

Ready to go, all you have to do is bait and position the trap before you sit back and wait.

Made from rustproof, galvanized metal and equipped with a unique spring-loaded door that guarantees catching even the fastest rats, the quality of workmanship ensures that your prisoner has no escape until you are ready to bring the trap into nature for them to release your rodent unharmed. A hand plate below the handle also ensures safe handling so that there is no risk of rats being caught by the claws or teeth.

With a lifetime guarantee, the Big Cheese rat cage trap is the first choice for those who are committed to animal welfare but still want to get rid of their unwanted rodents.

Main Specifications – Pest Control Method: Mechanically; Type of pest control: Not deadly; Purpose of use: Inside Outside; Baits contain: N; Dimensions: 36 x 16 x 14 cm

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