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Carpenter bees have emerged in Alabama, sending property house owners into protection mode. These extra-large pollinators could seem intimidating. Sadly, they’re intimidating as a result of their major intention is to maneuver into your private home.

Carpenter bees

In Alabama, the most typical species of carpenter bee is Xylocopa virginica. Grownup carpenter bees—female and male—spend winter hibernating inside previous nest tunnels. Overwintered grownup bees emerge in early spring to mate and seek for new nest websites.

These bees earn their title due to their pure tendency to bore one-half-inch holes that look like completely spherical on exterior wooden surfaces. These bees stay lively by the summer season.

Carpenter bees are good pollinators, and naturally nest in lifeless timber and wooden piles. Nonetheless, they reside in shut proximity to people and might trigger in depth harm to wooden buildings. The pollinators can probably have an effect on properties, particularly after they repeatedly colonize in uncovered wooden with out management.

Uninvited visitors

“Feminine carpenter bees are those inflicting the harm,” mentioned Alabama Cooperative Extension System Entomologist Xing Ping Hu. “To put eggs, females drill into dry wooden on house options reminiscent of siding, fascia boards, porch window trim, porch ceilings, fence, decks, outside furnishings and different picket surfaces.”

The feminine bee chews a perfectly-round entrance, concerning the dimension of a dime, straight into wooden. These entrances are sometimes an inch in depth, then make a flip at a 90-degree angle to excavate a gallery. Galleries normally observe the grain of the wooden. Inside every gallery, females assemble six to 14 cells. In every cell are privations of combined pollen and nectar balls. Eggs are positioned on the balls and cells are sealed off shortly after with chewed wooden pulp. After hatching, larvae will turn into adults and can chew by the cell partition and emerge in late summer season.

Indicators of carpenter bee infestation

There are a number of indicators that property has change into a breeding web site for carpenter bees. Search for the next indicators when surveying house and yard areas:

  • Carpenter bees hover close by and round your constructing and buildings—they’re in search of nesting websites
  • Coarse sawdust that collects beneath excavated cavities throughout the spring
  • Spherical and clean holes in dimension of a dime on exterior wooden surfaces
  • Unpleasant stains attributable to falling bee waste across the round entrance gap
  • Noticing a buzzing or burrowing sound coming from throughout the wooden

Do carpenter bees sting?

Hu mentioned carpenter bees are extremely unlikely to sting folks. Females have a stinger, however usually are not defensive except straight provoked. Bees hovering close by or buzzing round folks after method are probably males which are placing on a territorial present of aggression. Don’t fear; males do not need a stinger, making them innocent. If a person will get shut sufficient to inform, males have a white or yellow blaze on their face whereas females have a darkish face.

A mistaken id

A detailed member of the family of the carpenter bee is the bumble bee. Identified for his or her stinging functionality and comparable colour sample, bumble bees are sometimes mistaken for his or her bigger cousins.

“A simple option to inform these two aside is by their abdomens,” Hu mentioned. “The stomach of carpenter bee is shiny, black and hairless. The bumble bee is roofed with tender, fuzzy hairs patterned with distinct black and yellow stripes.”

These two species additionally behave otherwise. Under are some distinction traits of every insect.

Carpenter bees are solitary bees, much less defensive of their nest websites. Bumble bees are social and intensely defensive when their nest web site is disturbed.

Carpenter bees have a tendency to stay intently to their most well-liked picket surroundings. Bumble bees are doubtless discovered round blossoming vegetation and flowers.

Carpenter bees fly in a extra erratic manner. It might seem like carpenter bees are chasing each other relatively than flying collectively in concord, whereas bumble bees fly leisurely collectively.

Carpenter bees carve their very own tunnels and nest in above-ground wooden supplies. Bumble bees reside in social colonies, normally nesting within the floor.

Carpenter bee management

When to Act

Early spring is one of the best time to deal with and forestall carpenter bees. Openings on wooden surfaces have to be sealed to ensure that bees to be deterred.

Timing can also be essential as a result of the aim of carpenter bee management is to keep away from the nesting harm. Nonetheless, folks shouldn’t eradicate all the bees within the yard since they’re essential pollinators. The very best time to intervene is earlier than the females lay eggs of their tunnels. Merchandise with important oil elements can deter carpenter bees from carving tunnels or abandoning the excavated nest.

What to Do

A painted floor can also be a deterrent to carpenter bee actions. Sadly, portray or putting polyurethane on wooden decks or log properties is usually not a fascinating choice. Wooden stains additionally present little repellant.

If sensible, severely broken wooden needs to be eliminated and changed with chemical pressure-treated wooden to forestall nest building. Take into account use of artificial sidings relatively than wooden sidings. Generally, it’s mandatory to manage carpenter bees which are inflicting harm. Merely sealing the doorway holes with caulking or increasing foam doesn’t work if the holes usually are not handled with a pesticide.

The trapped grownup carpenter bees can chew by caulk, escaping or excavating new openings. Business and do-it-yourself traps can catch carpenter bees if correctly put in, however typically don’t present efficient management round a construction.

Insecticide Execs and Cons

There are insecticide merchandise commercially labeled for carpenter bee management. They are often utilized to uncovered wooden and gallery entrances. These merchandise are formulated for dusting, aerosol, foaming and liquid sprays.

Every method has its professionals and cons. Sprays could be the best to use, however an excessive amount of spray could soak the uncooked wooden. Aerosol sprays, particularly foaming formulations with a straw attachment, could be efficient if utilized to every gap. Nonetheless, overuse can soak the chemical into uncooked wooden over time. Dusts utilized to every gap will keep on the floor and could be efficient, however dusts could be messy to use with out a specifically made applicator.

“Regardless of the product used, all label instructions have to be adopted,” Hu mentioned.

Functions needs to be late within the night when the feminine bees are probably to be contained in the wooden tunnels and fewer lively. Moreover, it’s all the time a good suggestion to put on a long-sleeved shirt, chemically resistant gloves and protecting eyewear when making functions. This step can scale back the possibilities of being stung.

After making use of an insecticide, folks ought to plug the tunnel entrances utilizing trebor plugs, tremendous plugs or wooden patch materials to cease different bugs from invading the holes at a later time.


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