Center Wellington is considering its options and costs in termite fighting

Center Wellington Council is considering termite management options ranging from $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 per year, presented by a local expert.

At the council meeting on Monday, termite expert Paul Balfoort of Balson Pest Control Inc. introduced the council to termite management options such as borate rod treatments, soil injections and soil treatments known as Ultraset and Dragnet, and nematode application.

“The community has got off to a good start with the data it has collected and is defining the scope of the problem based on the information provided by Dr. Get a handle on the data provided by Myles, ”said Balfoort.

“I have set up a management program where I present something to the council or staff about options and the cost of those options, which I think is much better than giving an option. I estimate the management program would be $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 a year. “

Count. Ian MacRae noted the council’s projected budget of $ 60,000 a year for a termite management program for the next four years and asked Balfoort if he thought these would be sufficient funds.

“Sixty thousand a year is not enough to put in place a management program that would reduce the termite population, and it would not be enough to look after the 487 homes identified,” said Balfoort.

Balson Pest Control Inc. previously worked with the City of Kitchener for a year to help them solve their termite problem, which has attracted the interest of many city councilors.

“Kitchener Township ran their program where, if termites were found, residents were given an order from the building authorities and had to follow all instructions,” said Balfoort.

“If they didn’t do it within 60-90 days, the community would instruct us to handle the property and the community would take care of the financial part from there by getting the finances from the homeowner.”

Balfoort found that the average cost per household for the Kitchener project was $ 3,400 to $ 4,000.

“I think the council needs to decide what the end goal of this project is as this is key to creating a termite management program. Does the community want an actual treatment plan for every home or a program that holds people accountable for doing things? “

Mayor Kelly Linton noted that it is important that the council decide on the ultimate goal and that that council must meet again to discuss these options further at a later date.

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