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When in comparison with pests like cockroaches or flies, fleas are usually not an on a regular basis nuisance that pest administration professionals (PMPs) cope with. The 2021 PCT “State of the Flea Management Market Report” confirmed a median yearly income of slightly below $21,000, and solely 23 p.c of survey respondents mentioned that flea management was necessary or essential.

That doesn’t imply fleas aren’t a pest to concentrate on or that it shouldn’t be in your service choices. Fleas have to be checked out a bit of otherwise due to their life cycle, hosts and habitats. When you consider fleas like cockroaches or rodents, the everyday built-in pest administration (IPM) techniques are usually not going to be efficient. The closest pest relative to check fleas to may be mosquitoes. It might sound like a foul joke, “why is a flea like a mosquito,” however there are a number of similarities. Serious about them collectively can result in efficient management measures.

HABITAT. Fleas have an fascinating life cycle. Like mosquitoes, solely the grownup flea is feeding on the host. Immature levels are discovered off the host in several (however close by) environments. In contrast to mosquitoes, each women and men chew and feed on blood. When the grownup fleas produce eggs, the eggs simply fall off the host animal to the bottom. That is typically in bedding, carpets, sofas and different host resting areas. The larvae stay in these similar environments as they develop. They feed off the grownup flea feces. This incorporates undigested blood from the host and they’re going to feed on different natural particles of their habitat.

Like mosquitoes, therapy has to deal with two totally different areas for the best efficacy: grownup and immature habitats. Within the case of fleas, the animal the adults reside on have to be handled and veterinary care is required. The eggs, larvae and pupae have to be handled within the areas they’re dwelling: the place the host animals spend their time. Vacuuming and bodily removing of the feces, natural particles and immature fleas can considerably scale back the issue.

HOSTS. These are in any other case generally known as the meals supply. Any good IPM program consists of sanitation and cleansing up the meals supply and habitat of the pest. For fleas and mosquitoes, eliminating the blood meal isn’t too sensible! Owners are usually not prone to do away with their pet simply due to fleas. Whereas exclusion works fairly properly for mosquitoes (doorways and home windows might be saved shut and screened to maintain them out), exclusion for fleas is extra sophisticated, significantly when animals spend a number of time outdoor. Because of this flea therapies for pets are important (with veterinary approval). Grownup fleas stay on the animal, so for animals spending time outdoor, clients ought to seek the advice of their veterinarian to get preventive therapies. In any other case, they may hitchhike again indoors and begin the method once more by dropping their eggs and feces for larvae to feed on. As a reminder, pest professionals shouldn’t be treating animals. Refer clients to their veterinarian.

Whereas people might be hosts, it isn’t as frequent. Individuals typically begin getting bit when flea populations are excessive, or when pets have been faraway from the house and the folks change into the one warm-blooded meal out there. Like all bites on folks, don’t diagnose from the chew: Monitor the realm and establish the pest that’s current.

CONTROLS. As with mosquitoes, fleas are depending on moisture. Fleas want larger humidity of at the least 75 p.c and temperatures between 70 and 90 levels Fahrenheit. Together with on the lookout for the place host animals spend a number of time, search for hotter areas of the house similar to kitchens and loos that present that heat, humid surroundings. Counsel to clients that they dry out damp areas, set up dehumidifiers and even run followers to extend air motion and dry areas out. Bedding, pillows, plush toys and different comfortable supplies might be laundered and/or dried below excessive warmth to kill any bugs dwelling on them. Deep cleansing carpets can scale back extra of the natural particles, however make sure that the purchasers know to dry them as shortly as doable so it doesn’t create additional humidity.

Similar to mosquitoes, getting therapy to the proper areas is essential for flea management. Fleas are hiding in cracks and crevices indoors. Ask clients the place their pets spend essentially the most time and goal these areas, significantly round baseboards, furnishings edges and behind home equipment and furnishings. Since therapies are focused on the immature levels, insect progress regulators are an amazing addition. Fleas have full growth (egg, larvae, pupae, grownup) and the IGRs act on the larval stage to stop them from creating into reproductive adults.

Outdoors therapies might be focused to these areas on a buyer’s property which have fleas, have animal areas (similar to canine runs, yard livestock, heavy wildlife exercise, and many others.) and are permitted by the label. Yet another time: Don’t deal with animals.

DISEASES. Each mosquitoes and fleas can carry a number of illnesses that may be transmitted to people and animals. For fleas, essentially the most well-known is the bubonic plague, notorious reason for the Black Dying that worn out an enormous a part of the inhabitants of Europe within the 1300s. It hasn’t fully gone away. Within the final 20 years, there have been 1-17 circumstances per yr in america.

In addition they can transmit fleaborne typhus and cat scratch illness to people. Of larger concern is our furry pals: Fleas can transmit tapeworm, and in case your pet has tapeworm, fleas can transmit that from the pet to their homeowners. The excellent news is that these illnesses are pretty uncommon in folks.

Many individuals adopted pets in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and people pets are vulnerable to getting fleas, significantly in the event that they go outdoors. Yard hen possession piqued initially of the pandemic and hasn’t decreased considerably since then, creating yet one more flea host near folks. The 2021 “State of the Flea Management Market” survey confirmed 91 p.c of respondents supply flea companies, however are you promoting that to your clients?

Wild animals can carry fleas. Outdoors therapies might be focused to areas on a buyer’s property that animals frequent.

As summer season continues, pets are taken outdoors and flea populations enhance, so it’s a good time to remind clients to get flea management from their veterinarians and have tick therapies accomplished for his or her dwelling and property. In case your clients have any pets (together with yard animals), speak to them in regards to the dangers from fleas and the options you present to assist defend them and their animals. Don’t overlook to put on your PPE and defend your self when doing flea work.

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