“Cockroach infestation” found in Turkish restaurant

Turkish restaurant Antep

Antep Turkish restaurant in Balsall Heath pleaded guilty to 24 crimes in May, paying £ 12,000 fines and £ 1,000 costs.

The fine related to conditions found by the inspectors on five separate visits to the premises, with a report stating: “The premises were not kept clean, open food was stored in areas where cockroaches were active. There was a cockroach infestation on the entire site. “

And Antep is just one of five entities and individuals fined for food hygiene violations in May / June this year, a report before the council’s licensing and public protection committee showed.

Al-Shazan on Stratford Road was fined £ 1,650 in May for failing to comply with a sanitation notice that required thorough cleaning of floors, walls, shelves, touch points, fridges and freezers, food containers as well Devices and utensils.

And Bordesley’s Khaled Javed also pleaded guilty to two offenses for failing to comply with two sanitary notices at Spicy Corner, 241 Pretoria Road, fined £ 5,340.

Frozen single fish stored next to ice cream. Photo: Birmingham City CouncilSeasoned / flavored raw meat in a container in the restaurant

ZHSP Ltd on Alexandra Road was also fined £ 8,000 for five conditions-related violations at the China Court Bakery, with inspectors finding “debris and spills around shelves and holes in the paneling on the wall” and that “food were stored open and unprotected ”. from contamination in the refrigerator. ‘

And another building, Stocktons Bakery on Bordesley Green, was fined a whopping £ 38,000 for 19 different offenses. One report said, “The standard of cleaning throughout the building was poor and there was mold on the ceiling in the production area.

“Utensils and shovels were stored in groceries and storage containers, and groceries were stored uncovered in the freezer. Icing bags were moldy, the conveyor belt and planetary mixer were dirty.

“Nine offenses due to the second visit, four of non-compliance with improvement notices that require the provision of information about allergens in products, establishing a permanent process according to HACCP principles, training food handlers and handling food” stored at the correct temperatures.

“Three offenses relating to the still inadequate cleaning standard, one relating to a full-fat soft cheese that was found past its use-by date, and one relating to cheese that was moldy in the inspection room.

“Four more violations resulting from the third inspection; There were still no procedures based on HACCP principles in place, cream was found to have exceeded its expiration date, fresh cream scones were not kept at the correct temperature, and the matrix that was used to give customers information about ingredients or to provide processing aids was not correct. “

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