Cockroaches cause Little Crown & Anchor at Dirty Dining to close

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Dirty Dining gets European flair this week with an English pub with German cockroaches.

The Little Crown & Anchor pub-restaurant on Spring Mountain Road and Decatur Boulevard was closed on August 9 due to a cockroach infestation for several generations.

The inspectors saw cockroaches almost everywhere: on shelves, walls, under the preparation table, next to and under the preparation table, in the keg cooler, under floor mats and behind the wall-mounted food safety posters.

The restaurant was instructed to immediately stop the preparation and serving of food, including in the bar area.

There were also flies on the dishwasher and other appliances and furnishings.

Cooking utensils soiled with grease and old food.

Walls were damaged with holes and missing baseboards, which provided several entry points for pests.

Little Crown & Anchor has been warned that “continued non-compliance with inspections evidenced by a C-class or closure will result in administrative action by SNHD”.

General Manager Art Christenson did not respond to our call for comment.

On August 20, the restaurant received its “A” rating back with no defects.


Mariscos El Diamante on Charleston Boulevard and 28th Street received the highest number of defects in this week’s restaurant suite with a rating of 36 minus “C” on the August 10th inspection.

Grocers placed a ready-to-eat quesadilla on a customer’s plate with their bare hands and did not properly wash their hands after touching the trash.

Food in the high-temperature hazard zone included sliced ​​tomatoes, cooked marlin, shrimp wrapped in raw bacon, cooked noodles, and homemade salsa.

Servings of raw chicken dangled over raw shrimp on the prep table.

Foods that are double-stacked with no barriers that present a potential for contamination include breaded shrimp, fish ceviche, and shrimp ceviche. Other foods that were revealed and contaminated in the refrigerator and freezer were salsa, shrimp broth, prawns, and fish.

They used plastic cups and baskets with no handles to scoop pico de gallo and raw shrimp.

A dirty spoon handle touched peeled oysters and rice in the cooler.

Five gallon containers of cooked broth were stored on the walk-in radiator floor.

Ladles sat in the lukewarm standing water.

The employees’ medicines were kept over a table for the preparation of meals during active food preparation.

A cutting board was deeply dented and grooved so that it could not be cleaned properly.

The restaurant was inspected again on August 17th and received an “A” rating with 8 minus points.

Our message requesting a comment from the owner was not returned.


Tacos Los Machos food truck on Eastern near Owens Avenues is a dirty dining repeat offender.

It was closed on August 10 because of three threats to health: no drinking water, improper disposal of liquid waste and insufficient cooling.

It also has 35 disadvantages.

The inspectors saw a grocer drop an utensil on the floor, pick it up, and continue cooking.

A grocer touched ready-to-eat coriander with his bare hands.

The trailer got its water from a black garden hose, which was connected directly to an irrigation valve and cross-connected to a sump cooler.

Foods in the high temperature hazard zone included sliced ​​tomatoes, sliced ​​cabbage, red and green salsa, pork, and rice.

An open window without a privacy screen let numerous flies into the caravan.

Owner Lorena Rios said they had reopened and otherwise she has no comment.

On August 18th, Tacos Los Machos received the grade “A” back with three flaws.


Vanilla Rice’s Hibachi House is another repeat offender of dirty dining.

This time the food truck on Flamingo and Sandhill Streets was closed on August 12 due to conditions that could endanger public health.

It also has 32 disadvantages.

There was a continuous leak in the food preparation zone between the grill and the makeshift refrigerator. The report says that liquid spilled on the grocer and health inspector during the inspection.

There was a week-old rice container in the refrigerator.

Shrimp had not been cooked to a safe temperature before being transferred from the grill to a bowl of ready-to-eat noodles.

The hood did not have a filter, which is required to mitigate greasy fumes.

Several containers of raw chicken, shrimp, and beef were placed on a trash can near the grill.

Barbecue utensils were well above safe temperature in cloudy water.

And floors and walls were overly dirty and greasy.

Owner Zach Tolen sent the following statement:

“We had an incident in the truck where we had to leave so we could deal with it immediately. We had it fixed the next morning and got an A that allowed us to open again.

Vanilla Rice’s Hibachi House staff are trained and required to follow health and safety protocols and sometimes equipment wear and tear can affect business beyond our control, but we are doing our best to remedy the situation.

We pride ourselves on making sure our customers have the best experience possible and we always make sure that we follow the protocol whenever a problem occurs. Thank you very much and we apologize for any inconvenience. “

Hibachi House was re-inspected on August 13th and received a grade of 3 with “A”.


Due to insufficient cooling, the Tacos Los Barrios food truck on Craig Road and Simmons Street in North Las Vegas was closed on August 10th.

It also has 21 disadvantages.

There was sewage in the hand basin and the triple sink / sink. The person in charge told the inspectors that this happens a lot and they use a plunger to temporarily fix the problem. They were told that it must be permanently attached to prevent possible food contamination.

Foods in the temperature hazard zone included salsa, cheese, pork, beef, guacamole, and rice. Everything had to be thrown away.

Owner Noe Barrios did not respond to a message asking for comment.

Tacos Los Barrios was re-inspected on August 16 and received an “A” rating with no defects.

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