Corp. to deploy 200 more workers to fight dengue fever

Coimbatore Corporation will soon employ 200 people to fight dengue fever.

Citizens’ Bureau temporarily recruited 200 people, including 100 men, to join the team of 800 local breed inspectors to fight dengue by destroying mosquito breeding sources, officials said.

The company would group the 100 men into rapid-reaction teams for use in areas where dengue cases have been reported. The men went door-to-door near homes with dengue-positive cases to destroy sources of mosquito breeding – those who stored fresh rainwater in which the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti mosquito reproduced.

The company would also deploy the teams in dengue hotspots, the sources said, adding that the citizen agency would deploy the other 100 workers to do the regular mosquito control work.

This was necessary because the city had reported 120 dengue cases as of November this year, seeing an average of 10-15 cases per day. The city also witnessed the death of a dengue child on November 28th.

In addition, the city had dengue hotspots in districts 36, 37, 40, 41, 42, 16, 17, 18, 97, 9, 86, 79, 71 and 72.

In these and other parts of the city, the workers to be hired would also look for sources of breeding in buildings under construction, locked or uninhabited houses. They would also visit commercial establishments to check if discarded items have become freshwater containers and mosquito breeding sources, the sources said.

In the recent past the company had worked with various types of commercial enterprise groups. In particular, she asked dealers who work in vulcanization and tire repair shops to ensure that disused tires do not become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

In continuation of efforts, civil authorities confiscated three tons of worn tires, the sources added.

Home quarantine

Health wing officials said the citizen agency has quarantined 76 people who had returned from high-risk countries where Omicron cases have been reported.

The corporation did not let her leave Coimbatore Airport until her first test result was negative. After the eighth day of their arrival, the corporation collected samples for a second test.

So far, no one has become COVID-19 positive and so have not sent a sample for genome sequencing to determine if the virus variant was Omicron, the sources said.

In addition, the company was in daily telephone contact with the 76 people to inquire about their state of health.

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