County issues a Redheaded Blackbelt detention order at the Green Valley Motel in Orick

This is a press release from the district of Humboldt:

At around 8 a.m. on November 5, an inspection and curtailment warrant was served at the Green Valley Motel on State Highway 101 in Orick. The residents were evacuated and the motel boarded up to prevent entry. The warrant was in response to a notice and order for substandard accommodation and an eviction order issued on Sept. 27 due to conditions at the motel that posed a significant threat to residents and the surrounding community.

A September 15 inspection by the Code Enforcement Unit, Building Inspection and Department of Health and Human Services of the County of Humboldt documented numerous violations of the Humboldt County Code, the California Building Code, the Health and Safety Code, and the International Property Maintenance Code . Violations included inadequate sanitation, construction and fire hazards, faulty weather protection, dangerous electrical work and mechanical equipment, inadequate heat supply, accumulation of solid waste, rat, cockroach and bed bug infestations.

The eviction order gave the motel residents 30 working days to leave the premises. During the 30-day period, the county worked with other organizations and local housing providers to relocate the most vulnerable, and assisted motel residents with relocating tenants. The owner is responsible for all moving costs, staff time, contractors and materials. The costs will be collected by all available legal means, including liens and tax bills.


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