Critter Stop explains humane pest control

Critter Stop, a skilled pest removal company, teaches Dallas / Fort Worth residents how to humanely remove animals from their homes and prevent them from coming back.

Southlake, TX – December 30th, 2021 – Homeowners in the Southlake, Texas area often have problems with wildlife living in their homes. Nobody wants to hurt the animals; they just want them to live elsewhere and not return.

Critter Stop knows the wildlife habits of this area of ​​Texas. So if they want a humane removal of squirrels, Southlake residents can rely on Critter Stop to protect wildlife from harm. After a thorough investigation of the problem, Critter Stop will set up traps and / or a one-way door that will allow the animal a (one) way out of the attic but no re-entry.

This exact procedure is used for the removal of Southlake squirrels, possums, and raccoons. Animals are not injured at all by entering the trap.

Next, Critter Stop takes the animal to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department-approved wildlife sanctuary and releases it.

After the animal is released, Critter Stop ensures that her little animal friends and relatives don’t move in and move in. It is much easier to prevent the next squirrel or raccoon invasion if the house is sealed off prematurely.

Critter Stop will employ several guaranteed strategies to prevent the subsequent squirrel infestation in Southlake. First, among many other common places, Critter Stop seals any holes that may be around the eaves, foundation, attic vents, or any gaps in the exterior siding.

About Critter Stop

Founded in 2018, Critter Stop is a locally owned and operated humane pest control company providing pest control and restoration services to rodents and wildlife throughout the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area. Once the animals are removed, Critter Stop offers a lifetime guarantee that they will not return.

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