DAESUNG is exhibiting its innovative SMARTHIVE Automated Hive Controller Ver.2 & Hornet Trap at CES 2022

DAESUNG, one of the world’s leading companies specializing in automated farming systems, has announced its decision to sell its SMARTHIVE Automated Hive Controller Ver.2 on the CES 2022. The SMARTHIVE Hive Controller ver.1 received the Innovation Awards at CES 2021.

Since its introduction in 2021, DAESUNG’s automated beehive controller has been recognized by beekeepers in Korea for its efficiency and technological performance. DAESUNG, headquartered in Jeonju and with production facilities in Daejeon, is a leading manufacturer of beekeeping equipment and is constantly developing smarter beekeeping systems.

The SMARTHIVE Hive Controller is a portable intelligent beekeeping system that safely takes honeycombs out of beehives, brushes bees, and stacks honeycombs outside of beehives in about a minute. It is light in weight of 9 kg and can be used to extract honey even by a beginner alone, since its method of operation is simple. In addition, it can be used for all beehives of different sizes. Both an adapter and a battery pack (optional) can be used for the power supply.

With this automated beehive control, beekeepers in Korea were able to reduce working hours by 50% compared to the existing products and made it possible to extract only honey.

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