Debug your bed as an alternative to harmful and expensive chemical bed bug treatments

Debug your bed offers heaters that can be rented by people at an affordable price that kill bed bugs in their homes

United States – Debug your bed is a company that provides people with high quality materials to remove bed bugs on their own. They provide services in Indiana, New England, and Los Angeles. You suggested this company because most of them had the same experience. They discovered bed bugs in their rooms even though they were really clean people. They called an exterminator, which cost them a lot of money. For example, the New England team, which is made up of a couple, had the following experience. They experienced bed bugs in their children’s rooms. Her daughter complained about bites every morning. A pest control company confirmed they had bed bugs and said it would cost them $ 5,000 to $ 8,000 to use heat to exterminate the bugs! So they bought their chemicals to treat the room, which cost them $ 2,000. But after a few months the bed bugs returned and they had to have their room professionally repaired. They later discovered that only heat could permanently kill bed bugs.

Debug your bed ensures bed bugs are removed within 24 hours. They use heat treatment instead of chemicals because it’s environmentally friendly. Heat kills insects in all phases of life, such as eggs, nymphs or adults. The heat can penetrate through walls, floors, mattresses, and places where the chemical is difficult to reach. Unlike chemicals, the use of heat does not leave a smell or odor. There is no damage to the furniture or property in the room. When chemicals are used, the eggs can be left behind and eventually lead to new bed bugs. The heat treatment is non-toxic and works by creating clean, dry, heated air. The company slowly increases the temperature of the heater so that bed bugs or harmful pesticides don’t survive. The temperature ranges from 115-143 ° F.

Since calling the professionals can be expensive, the company believes in the motto “kill bed bugs yourself with heat”. They offer bed bug heater rental service so people don’t have to buy their expensive appliances. Performing bed bug removal treatment is easy! They provide customers with the information, training, equipment, and resources they need. The team shows clients how to prepare the room for treatment. They also provide instructions on setting up the devices and the precautionary measures to be observed. You will also learn how to use the devices properly and how to get the most out of them. Debug your bed offers bed bug heaters because the service is available at an affordable price. It usually costs up to $ 100 (can vary from region to region).

If people suspect they have bed bugs, they can also take advantage of the company’s K-9 inspection. During the K-9 inspection, a handler and a dog will examine all furniture and items in the room. If there are dead or living bugs, the dog will give a signal. This part of the room is given special attention during the extermination process.

Debug your bed offers its customers an inexpensive and non-toxic way to permanently remove bed bugs and pesticides from their room.

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