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Crawling space checks help paint a clear picture of the crawling area by uncovering issues and issues that require attention.

Your crawl space affects the condition of your home in many ways. As this part of your home falls apart you will see a noticeable change in comfort levels and dryness. Floors can feel cold, moisture escapes, the air becomes musty, and pests can have a great day.

The crawl space is easy to miss during home inspections as it is often out of sight. However, your crawl space needs to be checked from time to time. Failure to do so can lead to a wide variety of problems including structural damage.

What does a crawl space inspection include?

If you’ve never done a crawl space inspection, you are probably wondering what the process involves. Contractors look for potential damage or impending problems in the space, including piping problems, foundation settling or dislocation, moisture-related damage, mold and mildew, and pest infestation. If these issues are not properly addressed, crawl space damage and costly repairs can result.

Typical inspections start from the outside. Your repair provider will check for cracks in the foundation wall, damaged walls, and other signs of problems. If you have a concrete slab foundation, go around your house looking for cracks in the slab and brick veneer.

The procedure for examining a house with a beam or pillar foundation differs significantly from a panel construction. If your house has support beams or pillars, the inspector will go into the crawl space and check if that area is musty or wet. They also examine the condition of joists, joists, and pillars for structural damage. If the wood structures are damp or rotten, you likely have a plumbing or drainage problem that needs to be addressed.

The crawl space repair contractor will also come to your home and check for internal damage. Specifically, they look for cracks in the floor, walls, and ceiling, and then take measurements to see how uneven the foundation is. You will also notice if certain parts are lower than others.

Other things the contractor will consider are stagnant water and damage to electrical wiring.

Once the inspection is complete, the contractor will give you a clear picture of the crawlspace and recommendations. This can include crawl space repairs and various waterproofing solutions. However, not all inspections are ominous. In some cases, the problems are superficial and do not require serious intervention.

Home inspector searches for termites in the dorm's crawl space

Photo: SLRadcliffe / Groundworks

When do I perform a crawl space inspection?

There is no set time for crawl checks to be performed. You can do it all year round. Spring and summer are the best times, however, as there is plenty of natural light and the crawl space is much more accessible. If you are moving to a new home, try to examine the crawl space within the first three months. If you’ve lived in a home with a crawl space, do inspections and maintenance twice a year. However, crawl space trays should be checked frequently to ensure proper operation.

Why do you need a crawl space inspection?

A crawl space inspection reveals problems affecting the crawl space. A contractor can identify problems that accelerate over time but are easy for others to miss. This way, you can tackle these issues before they get out of hand.

Problems stemming from the crawl space affect the rest of your home. Water and moisture in your crawl space can weaken your structural supports, promote termites and other wood-boring insects, promote mold growth, and increase your heating bills. Without an inspection, you don’t know what the crawl space is suffering from.

A crawl space inspection is also essential when selling a house. Your real estate agent will likely ask you to do a home inspection, which includes a crawl space check. They use the home inspector’s report to determine the selling price of your property. You can also convince buyers as you can provide them with a timely inspection report.

Some people wait five years before checking their crawlers. Big mistake! Have a professional come and check the condition as soon as possible. Hesitate too much and you will end up with a damaged crawl space that costs a pretty penny to repair.

If a Colorado homeowner is in dire need of a free crawlspace inspection and repair quote, contact the experts at Complete Basement Systems. Our team will review your crawl space and recommend permanent solutions to problems that arise during the inspection.

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