Evidence of mice found in the Oldham Store

Evidence of mice was found in an Oldham store during a food hygiene inspection.

During a routine inspection of the A1 Sweet Center on Ashton Road in Oldham on October 2, officials found “evidence of mice”.

In response to the discovery, the inspectors issued a written report requesting the store staff to perform a “thorough deep clean” and “call out pest control (immediately)”.

Officials added that “the premises need to be tidied everywhere to facilitate cleaning (immediately)” and that all holes need to be filled.

Ashton Road store employees were also told to immediately remove the grease from the sides of all equipment and apply the store’s allergen label.

The list of improvements needed continued, recommending a “handrail for the stairs” and “hand drying for the hand basin” for installation “immediately”.

The inspectors also found the Safer Food Better Business Pack, which includes food safety management procedures, food hygiene regulations for small businesses and a diary, to be incomplete.

According to the written report, the diary section must be filled out daily.

In the food hygiene and safety category, the store was rated as fair, indicating some non-compliance with legal obligations.

Meanwhile, inspectors rated management trust as low, meaning there was a mixed record of compliance, poor hazard assessment and no food safety management system.

Structural compliance was rated poor, indicating significant non-compliance with legal obligations.

According to Oldham Council, the shop has been revisited with some progress but some work to be done.

Revaluation exams have to be requested by the company and the Council has received another request for a revaluation audit.

A representative from the store said at the time of the inspection that construction was going on which was causing the clutter and that the store was “doing its best and working hard as always”.

The store makes fresh jalebi and sells Khoya Barfi and Habshi Halwa, according to its Facebook page.

The public can check the hygiene ratings of food companies on the Food Standards Agency website.

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