Exterminator: Homeowners Beware of Stench, Kudzu Bugs, and Carpenter Bees – 41NBC News

MACON, Georgia (41NBC / WMGT) – Homeowners and renters may have an annoying problem. As the temperatures rise for spring, so do the stink and kudzu beetles.

Stink bugs and kudzu beetles

According to a local pest control, these bugs do not transmit disease, bites or stings. However, they produce a strong odor when scared, disturbed, or crushed.

These bugs can also damage clothing, furniture, and other fabrics with their droppings.

Carpenter bees

The carpenter bees are also busy in the spring. They are large and resemble bumblebees.

Brett Craig of Arrow Exterminators says carpenter bees can do serious harm to your home because they are attracted to wood.

“Anything that is wood based, make sure it’s properly sealed,” said Craig. “Just keep up with this maintenance. You can already see the holes out there where the carpenter bees were drilling. Make sure you put some steel wool behind it. And most of all – if it exists, have a pest controller come over. “

Craig says homeowners should always check themselves and their personal effects before entering the home.

Make sure all screens on doors and windows are in good condition. Also, make sure that all external cracks and crevices are sealed.

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