Family Guy: Best Episode of Any Season 11-20

What happened to those good old-fashioned values? If you ask Seth MacFarlane and his team of creators, they would most likely (with a twinkle in their eyes) say that they can be found on FOX in their hit animated comedy Family Guy on Sunday nights.

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In its decades-long television series, Family Guy has aired well over 300 episodes. While many shows tend to get stale after such long success, even in their eleventh through twentieth seasons, this series continues to spoil fans with new classics with the Griffin family that they won’t soon forget.

10 Season 11: Yug Ylimaf

Some of the best episodes in Family Guy come from Stewie and Brian’s various wacky exploits. In this particular adventure, Brian accidentally played through the flow of time, causing events to move backwards. In the chaos that follows, Stewie’s existence is threatened.

This iconic episode contained enough time-reversal antics to make Tenet jealous, and a lot of “shaky-shaky” time travel logic that is best not to think too deeply about. Fans will appreciate how the show plays with its running gags this episode, including reverse cutaways that occur before the transition line.

9 Season 12: Santa Claus

Family man Santa Claus

The culmination of one of the most talked about Family Guy storylines, this Christmas episode finally brings Brian back to life after he died prematurely a few episodes earlier. It also features a story about Peter bringing the Christmas cheer to a disaffected Carter.

The arc of “Brian’s Death” wasn’t particularly well received by fans, which is what makes his return this episode so special. The episode actually turns out to be one of the Family Guy’s most heartwarming moments. But there are plenty of fun gags too (including some great Christmas movie parodies) so it doesn’t get too boring.


8th Season 13: The Simpsons Guy

At the season 13 premiere, the Griffin family crossed with the cast of The Simpsons in an entertaining romp where the two iconic families first meet. The many similarities (and differences) between Homer and Peter become a focus in the episode. In addition, the doubled running time enables many hijinks between the two families.

The episode begins by poking fun at the concept of television crossovers and realizing that they are definitely never for “monetary purposes”. There is also a veiled debate about the value of “cheap copies” which is definitely about beer, not cartoons. In the end, after a series of arguments, the families go their separate ways.

7th Season 14: There’s a lot going on upstairs

Family man is busy upstairs

In an episode that really “is really busy” upstairs, Peter and Stewie go on individual adventures in the upper areas of the Griffin House while Stewie tries to overcome the fears of his nightmares and Peter builds a man’s cave in the attic.

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This episode delivers some of the best of Family Guy’s distinctive satirical funny bones as it encounters various sources of existential fear, with Brian navigating Stewie’s dreamscape. The addition of Peter’s incredible overreaction to being locked up in the attic adds extra ease to the episode.

6th Season 15: Passenger Fatty-Seven

Family Guy passenger Fatty Seven

In a hilarious and suspenseful parody of Wesley Snipes’ 1992 action thriller Passenger 57, this episode portrays the adventures of Peter and the boys when their plane home is hijacked by a group of vague European terrorists and they fight for their lives.

Peter, Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire all try to save their plane from the occupying terrorists by making fun of several tropes from hijacking films, with Joe and Cleveland’s battle for the right catchphrase being a highlight. This episode also features a hilarious Golden Girls parody where Lois and her friends imagine what life would be like if their husbands didn’t return.

5 Season 16: The Emmy Winning Episode

A promotional image from the Family Guy episode

At the Season 16 premiere of Family Guy, Peter and the family are fed up with their lack of recognition from television’s most prestigious awards, particularly the Emmys. As a result, they are starting to change the base of their series to make it more “Emmy” material.

No fan favorite is certain in this devastating satire about the state of television. The episode parodies everything from Breaking Bad to Modern Family to jabs on Project Runway and House of Cards. Not only is it a fun ride, but it also exists as a time capsule, reminding the audience of the most popular series from the distant 2017.

4th Season 17: Big Problems in Little Quahog

When Stewie Brian shrinks after a spit, he is forced to go after his friend on a tiny scale in order to bring both of them back to their natural heights. You are confronted with various dangers and inconveniences along the way and are guided by the classic film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

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Fans of the show are sure to love another classic Stewie and Brian mishap as they come across a surprisingly diverse amoeba colony to aid them in their attempt to escape. The episode also features a hilarious subplot in which the exterminator Peter hires to solve her pest problem slowly tries to seduce him.

3 Season 18: Rich Old Stewie

Family Guy Rich Old Stewie

It’s the distant future, everyone’s favorite Quahog residents have evolved over the years, if not in their characters. When the rich and successful Stewie learns that Peter is on his deathbed, he rushes home with his siblings for their father’s last moments.

While the premise of this particular episode may seem pretty heavy, things quickly take a comedic turn when it becomes clear that Peter and the family were faking his death to get their hands on Stewie’s riches. In return, the youngest Griffin blows the house with everyone inside, only to later reveal that all of this happened in young Stewie’s imagination.

2 Season 19: PeTerminator

Family Guy Peterminator

When a Terminator in the shape of Peter comes from the future to kill Stewie, it turns out that Brian and Stewie will have an argument at some point in their future, with each sending numerous Terminators back to kill the other. Family Guy’s two worst best friends must find a way to fix this before they put an end to the world.

This episode contains much of the meta-humor Family Guy is known for, as the constant action sequences get pretty tiresome for the animators who Stewie and Griffin take a short break instead of opting for the off-screen mayhem to tell them a break. There’s also a brief reference to Rick and Morty, as Stewie appears to have Rick’s portal pistol.

1 Season 20: Must Love Dogs

Family man must love dogs

When Quagmire meets a beautiful single woman with a love for dogs, he asks Brian to pose as his dog in order to gain her affection. However, Brian’s hatred of Quagmire cannot be contained and he quickly begins to sabotage the relationship.

One of Family Guy’s latest episodes, “Must Love Dogs,” highlights some of the best parts of the show, including a subplot where Peter and Chris hatch an intricate conspiracy to steal Stewie’s Halloween candy. Despite being part of the series’ monumental 20th season, it still feels fresh as ever.

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