Family “surrounded by mice” at home where rodents “riot”


One mother said she suffered “seriously” after living with mice in her home for five months.

Abbey Darlington, her partner and baby have been living in their New Brighton home since August and claim to be surrounded by mice all the time.

Abbey, 23, of Albert Street told ECHO it has now got to the point where she “wants to move” as she sees signs of the mice on a daily basis.

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She told the ECHO: “The mice cause me and my partner serious suffering as we are new parents to our three month old baby and every time we want to use our kitchen to either eat, make the baby’s bottle, or something other.” there is generally evidence of mice – be it from cupboards and drawers or eaten on the side.

Mouse droppings cover the floor of the house on Albert Street in New Brighton

“Seeing the mice themselves almost every day or mouse droppings creates all sorts of fears and makes us move, which we really don’t want after so much money for the house.”

The 23-year-old said to keep the mice away, she put aluminum foil in holes in the house that she could see, but it “didn’t work”.

Abbey’s property is managed by Riverside who, in their opinion, has not done enough to make sure the house is mouse free.

She said when she reported the problem the housing company advised her to call Environmental Health, which she did just to get a pest control number that would be charged a £ 90 fee with no “no guarantee” disposal of the mice .

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The new mom said, “I contacted my landlord and all they said was to call Environmental Health, which I did.

“Environmental Health then gave me a pest control number which is £ 90 and is not guaranteed to get eliminated.”

Abbey Darlington has placed aluminum foil in areas of her home to keep mice out

Abbey Darlington has placed aluminum foil in areas of her home to keep mice out

The Wirral woman said she spoke to her neighbors who have been living on the street longer to ask if they have ever had similar problems.

Abbey said, “We’ve only been here five months so I asked my neighbor if she ever had any problems and they said they’d been riddled with them for two years!

“You’ve been trying to move for two years, apparently to no avail.”

In response to the allegations, a Riverside spokesman said: “We deeply regret that Ms. Darlington and her family have been affected by mice on their property, and we are aware of the hardship this must cause, especially one in theirs House.

“After the tenancy began at the beginning of July 2021, they contacted us for the first time on October 25, 2021 about the problem, and we advised them to contact the municipality’s environmental and health department immediately.

Abbey Darlington has placed aluminum foil in areas of her home to keep mice out

Abbey Darlington has placed aluminum foil in areas of her home to keep mice out

“The control of pest infestations is a specialist task and is not one of our tasks as landlords, unless it was caused by improper maintenance of the apartment on our part, which does not seem to be the case. This is explained in our standard rental agreement.

“The local authority charges a fee for this service that would have to be paid to resolve this unfortunate situation. However, our Housing Services team will be in touch with Ms. Darlington to ensure that we have adequate support and advice for her and her family, including access to our monetary counseling services. “

Abbey reached out to locals to ask if they were suffering from a similar problem and posted about their struggles on a Facebook community page.

She wrote: “I’m just curious if anyone who lives in New Brighton has mice in their house?

“I live on Tollemache Street, the floral end of New Brighton, and the mice in my house literally eat everything.

“I can’t eat anything in my kitchen or in my drawers because the mice are eating it. Does anyone have the same problem and I’m curious how they got rid of it?

“I looked at pest control, which is pretty expensive. Have also tried human traps and have caught four so far.

“I bought Schnapper now because they hang around the house.”

People reacted with disgust, and some said they had seen rats in their homes.

One woman said, “I didn’t live far from you (moved a little over a year ago), we had mice. Tried peppermint and human traps with limited success.

“I ended up using a combination of poison and traditional traps. Killed about 30 of them, which solved the problem. “

Another person wrote: “We live on Victoria Parade and luckily none in our house, but our cat has caught mice every night for the past week and brought them home. Before it was one every few months. “

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