Family with bed bug rashes after infestation in one near Tui. booked “luxury hotel” covered

A disgusted mother posted on TUI that her family was covered with bed bug rashes and her daughter was bitten in the face by a creepy crawling infestation in her “luxury” hotel in Mexico.

Sarah Finch, 33, booked the luxury resort vacation as a last-minute treat for her family to enjoy a 5-star vacation in the sun, but said she was having a severe allergic reaction to bed bug bites in her room was locked up. “

We really needed this high quality post-pandemic family time and long working hours, but it’s ruined. I was bedridden and my husband was so worried about taking the bugs home that he couldn’t sleep.

“My one year old had the most pain with multiple bites on her hands and face. She sleeps in baby rooms, so they were the only places she was exposed. She was given medication to reduce the irritation.

Sarah said her daughter took terrible bites on her face

“My bites were so infected that I had to have an anti-histamine shot. I was dizzy and dizzy the whole time.

“My four year old spent the vacation tearfully with bites on her face and arms.

“She just wanted to have fun, but we were all so sick,” said the mother.

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Sarah and her husband, who has not been named for privacy reasons, and their daughters Lily, 4, and Charlotte, 1 flew home on Monday and have now returned to Swansea, South Wales after spending over £ 2,000 on alternative accommodation have to end their 10 night stay in Mexico.

“I went straight into the room and what I found was amazing, the whole bed was crawling.”

Sarah added that she was giving the hotel the rest of the day to organize another room or fumigate the room they were in, but no arrangements were made.

She said, “My children slept in the reception until 11.30pm when they finally found a new room. We met at least 12 other guests with the same problem.

“In the morning we discussed this with the Tui representative. That was 9 o’clock on Sunday. We asked to leave the resort as our health was deteriorating.

“I had to see the hotel doctor at this point because I couldn’t walk and I got an antihistamine injection and had to stay in the room. I called Tui eight times but the resort manager never called and no solution was offered. We were out there alone so we paid to move because it was so stressful.

Nasty bites on Sarah’s foot

The bites were both painful and itchy, the family said

“I cannot express how angry I am at Tui for completely failing us. I feel completely sick and traumatized that we were in this situation, but even more angry with my children. “

When Sarah spoke to other guests at the hotel, they checked her room for bed bugs and found that her mattress and sheets were also crawling with the critters. Sarah said, “Another couple who were suffering at the hotel sent me a video of their bed with a bug on it.

“I’m just totally shocked that not only can a 5-star hotel be so unhygienic and incompetent, but that Tui thinks it’s acceptable to keep guests under such conditions for 5 days without speaking to us, we had to do each one Chasing after times and finally paid to move us. “

Sarah Finch

The Finch family moved to alternative accommodation at Planet Hollywood, a $ 180 cab ride away. Now the family is home, they have had to pack and insulate all of their vacation clothes, and will be hot washing everything separately to try to kill any bugs that may have come home with them.

Sarah said: “We had to be very careful, two of our suitcases are still in the car. So far I have opened them one by one and packed our clothes in black bags that are ready for a hot wash. Then I have to steam and disinfect every suitcase.

“We always have the feeling that we are crawling. It was so stressful. “

One of the bed bugs

A TUI spokesman said: “We are sorry to hear about the Finch family’s experience. After an initial investigation by an independent company, no evidence of bed bugs was found and no other similar cases were reported. We will continue to review the family’s concerns and address them directly. We want to assure our customers that we regularly check all hotels we offer for health and safety, including hygiene. “

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