Fly control strategies will be featured in the upcoming dairy webinar

ORANGE CITY, Iowa – The I-29 Moo University 2021 webinar series will continue on Friday, March 26th from 12-13pm. This month’s topic is fly control strategies.

Roger Moon, retired veterinary entomology expert from the University of Minnesota, will identify common pest flies and control them in dairies.

“Different types of flies can disturb your cows, workers and neighbors,” said Fred Hall, milk specialist at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. “Stable flies bite, lead to the bundling of the cows, reduce milk production, breed mainly in dirty cow and calf bedding and pretty much stay on the premise. House flies breed in wetter dung, annoy people and spread outside the area to disturb neighbors. “

Hall said routine room sprays and mists can keep the numbers of both types down in a confined space, but deliberately reducing sources through outdoor debris management is a more sustainable approach. Moon will discuss these topics and give participants time to ask questions.

Moon retired from the Entomology Department at the University of Minnesota in 2016 after 36 years of research, teaching, and outreach in veterinary entomology. He continues to study and publish on the biology, ecology, and management of dirt flies and other arthropods found near livestock, wildlife, and humans.

Pre-registration for the webinar is required; However, there are no registration fees. Register at

For more information, contact Hall at 712-737-4230, Jim Salfer at 320-203-6093, Tracey Erickson at 605-882-5140, or Kim Clark at 402-350-5003.

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