Fly infestation affects homes where residents cannot sleep due to swarming

Caerphilly residents have been plagued by a disgusting fly infestation in their homes, and the cause is unknown.

The council received complaints on the matter from residents of Abercarn, Crosskeys, Cwmcarn and Cwmfelinfach. Residents in Risca, Blackwood, Crosskeys, Ynysddu and Wattsville have also reported dealing with large numbers of houseflies.

The Council and Natural Resources Wales have launched an investigation to determine a cause and a possible solution.

Abercarn resident Steve Williams said the “terrible” problem started about 10 days ago and kept him from sleeping.

Flies in a blue light trap after just a few hours

A fly has settled on Steve’s bedroom wall

The 40-year-old said, “I work night shifts trying to sleep, I can feel them land on my head. I think I’ve slept about seven hours in the past two days and I’m walking around like a zombie.” .

“We are not allowed to leave any food in the kitchen, everything has to be covered because it is everywhere.”

Steve said they are all over his house, especially the kitchen and bedroom

Steve said the situation was so dire that he had to buy fly tape, fly spray, and a blue light trap, but that these methods are only providing temporary relief.

He said, “The fly spray might work for an hour and then they’re back. The first time I put fly tape on, it caught about 50 flies in four hours, it was absolutely full of flies, and there was for more no space, I change the tray in the blue light catcher every day and at the end of the day it is full of dead flies.

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“My house is literally covered in it, even my bedroom. I’ve just come back from a late shift and I’m sitting on my bed, I can see flies in my bedroom. There are several crawling on the floor and they’re on the wall and door.”

“My work colleagues who live in places like Wattsville, Crosskeys, Risca and Blackwood have all said they are in the same situation. I hope something is done.”

Steve said every time he gets out of bed and puts his feet on the floor of his bedroom, he lands one or two on it every time. He said the situation was “absolutely unbearable” for him and other residents at the moment.

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He recalled a similar event about seven years ago that lasted a few weeks, although he said this time was worse.

“The fly traps before were absolutely rammed too. It’s like an old problem has surfaced again, but this time it’s worse,” he said.

Other Caerphilly residents wrote on social media that their home was “teeming” with flies. One wrote, “The same in Markham. For two weeks I got up at the window at least six in the morning and there was a steady stream of them. It’s not all that bad now, but we’re still … more than usual . “

A piece of fly tape that had been up for about two hours

They land on his head and on his feet

Another wrote: “Even in Crosskeys! You are literally waiting by the window when you open it.”

A Caerphilly County Borough Council spokesperson wrote on social media: “Caerphilly CBC has received a number of inquiries about fly infestation in the Abercarn, Crosskeys, Cwmcarn and Cwmfelinfach areas in the past few days.

“Our Environmental Health Team is working with Natural Resources Wales to investigate and identify the potential source of the flies so that we can address this matter as soon as possible.

“To assist us with the investigation, we will shortly be collecting a sample of flies from a number of properties in the Cwmcarn and Abercarn area so that we can advance the identification of the species that will help move the next steps in the world Preliminary investigation.

“We are aware of the problem and investigations are in progress, so there is no need to report the matter to the environmental health team.”

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