Fruit fly care as a summer hit

Tim McCurdy MP for Ovens Valley outside the signage for Fruit Fly in regional Victoria.

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy expresses concern about the spread of the fruit fly as warmer weather and labor shortages for fruit growers persist this summer.

In Parliament, Mr McCurdy stated: “I urge the Victorian Government to meet with our fruit growers and do more to help our local communities stop the spread of fruit flies and diseases that affect our farmers forever.

“Given the impact of Covid this year and the labor shortage, our growers face a much bigger problem.

“If the fruits aren’t harvested, they rot on the trees and then we get fruit fly outbreaks and it becomes a much bigger problem for the entire agricultural sector.

“Apples are of course a bit wider, you have a lot more time to take them off, but with apricots and nectarines there is certainly a very narrow window, which is an even better reason to make sure the labor is available for us regional farmers and if not what the next step is.

“I would like to thank all of our regional fruit growers in the Ovens Valley who continue to work proactively to reduce the impact of fruit flies from urban trees and vegetable patches.

“Some measures we can all take this summer to reduce the impact of the fruit fly are installing insect-proof nets, putting bags and covers over the fruit, or installing outdoor gazebos with zippers, good gardening hygiene , the proper disposal of unwanted products and monitoring for fruit fly activity *.

“The government needs to understand that this fruit fly problem is affecting not only the production, sale and export of high quality fruit, but the livelihoods of our regional fruit growers and their families,” he said.

Further information on possible measures can be found at: Gardens.

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