Frustrated Edinburgh resident says plush apartment “riddled with mice”

An Edinburgh woman has fought an endless battle to free her apartment in the upscale Merchiston neighborhood from the mouse infestation.

Monica Santoro, 47, and her partner Jèan Lategan, 44, are unimpressed by their living conditions at Yeaman Place after the vermin attacked their apartment.

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As the fall and winter months approach, mice and rats are seen more often indoors as they burrow into plots for warmth and food.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Monica said: “Some are as tiny as your little finger and there are small, larger ones.

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“They seem to get worse during this time of year and winter months as I suspect they are looking for warmth and food.

“I caught a few with peanut butter feather traps, but they were smart and turned the trap over to eat the bait. So I started taping the traps in place with Blue Tac. Then they just avoided them.

“I then tried the peppermint oil on cotton swabs. After a few days the swabs were gone .. I suspect they made nests with them.

“Our apartment is ours, but most of the building is rented to Dunedin Canmore. In my opinion, only two of the nine apartments are private.

“We tried to renovate our apartment over the cordon and tried to seal all the holes. Over the winter of last year, the little critters reappeared in the pantry. They chew holes through the sacks of flour and prefer chocolate most of all, but the peanut butter didn’t. t seems to work.

“Last week I tried the traps, which look like little boxes of poison wax. I placed them in the cupboards and along the kitchen ledges. And one behind the trash can.”

“You just run over them.”

After trying some beginner methods, Monica, who is a budding dental assistant, realized that she needed to get crueler and sneakier in her attempts at catching.

Monica continued, “I bought poison grain and pasta bait blocks. They ignore the grain. The noodle blocks were eaten slowly for months, but no change. I try to keep the kitchen clean and free of crumbs at all times.

“The little bastard ran on the counter yesterday while I was at work and stained the stove top.”

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Because of this. The shape of tiny rodent paws was left all over the stove, which means that Monica has to clean the apartment thoroughly every day to keep things safe from disease.

She was successful in her further attempts and managed to sleep this rather tall guy with some poison.


The rather large mouse died after ingesting poison from a Monica trap.

She added, “This one obviously ate poison as he was quite brave and died a few hours later.”

No matter how clean Monica and Jèan, the manager at Cafe Nero, keep the house, the mice seem to find their way back.


Monica and her partner Jèan are “gross” about the infestation that has occurred in their home.

Monica said, “I hope people don’t think we’re dirty. This is my concern. We often wash the floors with a steamer and I vacuumed the whole time. The trash can is thrown away every day.

We have no children or pets and we both work full time. “

“I’m so disgusted. The apartment is starting to smell and I’ve spent a fortune on diffusers and scented candles.

“Today I ordered 2 Sonic Nager devices from Amazon. So let’s continue the fight.


This is one of the traps Monica used to try to catch the small rodents.

“However, I suspect that the apartments above us also have problems, as we sometimes hear them on the walls and on the ceiling.”

It is not only the hygienic problems that the mice cause, but also physical damage to the premises.

Monica added, “We bought a new couch a little over a month ago.

“I turned the pillows over and found that they were lost between the pillows.

In terms of recruiting a pet to control rodents, this is not an option for the couple.

Monica said, “I wish I could get a cat. I love cats, but my fiance is terribly allergic.

“The problem is that the building has to get rid of them, not just an apartment like us.

“We have a bus across the street and I’m not sure that will help much.

“Oh and I never leave dishes standing. This is just looking for trouble.”

At the beginning of this year we reported sightings of large rats scurrying around Leith in broad daylight, rushing into trash cans after Essen and frightening the residents.

The phones at Tae A Moose have been ringing off the hook for the past few weeks and months thanks to this sharp increase in rodent activity, and you can read the story here.

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