GHMC Launches Mosquito Control Campaign To Fight Dengue, Companies Say More Is Needed

The city of Hyderabad reported 56 cases of dengue in 2021, reports GHMC. However, some companies are questioning the data.

For the past 10 days, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) companies have put in place various sanitary measures to prevent the rise in mosquito-borne diseases, including dengue, in Hyderabad. Efforts were made as part of the Telangana government’s flagship program, Pattana Pragathi, to prevent seasonal diseases. The GHMC has started sanitation and cleaning work as part of the program.

The GHMC has coordinated with the corporations to remove garbage, weed roadsides, drain lakes and drains, clean fallow land with rubbish and weed it. The corporators also coordinate with the entomology department to handle misting, door-to-door visits to make sure there are no mosquito breeding points, and spraying of anti-larval chemicals in lakes. The GHMC also releases gambusia (mosquito fish) into lakes to control mosquito population.

While all corporations took up these anti-mosquito measures annually, some say that it does little to improve the situation on site. Mohammad Naseeruddin, Corporator of Nanal Nagar Station in Hyderabad, said, “We have just got a breather from COVID-19 cases, so the GHMC is proactive in preventing other diseases from increasing.” However, he adds, “We must intensify these efforts. “

Special campaign to control the mosquito threat in the constituency of Karwan Nanal Nagar Div.

At the instruction of MP @asadowaisi & MLA @kausarmohiuddin, today I monitored the fog operation in the Mehraj Colony, Alhasnath Colony and Nizam Colny to control the spread of the mosquito threat.

– Mohammed Naseeruddin (@naseerCorpGhmc) July 8, 2021

According to the corporator, there are areas within each ward that a corporator cannot access in order to conduct a hygiene action. “There are military sites in my community where mosquitoes breed, but I don’t have access to work there. We focus on the areas we have access to, but that is not effective. There will be maybe two weeks of respite and the mosquito threat will start all over again, ”he adds.

As of July 9, the GHMC limits reported 56 cases of dengue that year. While two cases of dengue were reported so far in July, around eight cases were reported in June. Telangana Health Ministry data on mosquito-borne diseases suggests dengue cases have declined. The state reported 265 cases of dengue throughout the year. The previous year’s data on dengue cases shows 6,362 dengue cases in 2018 and 13,361 cases in 2019. Dengue cases fell to 2,173 cases in 2020. A similar decline can also be observed in chikungunya and malaria cases.

However, some companies are questioning the data reported by GHMC. “How can there be only 56 dengue cases in all of Hyderabad this year? My ward alone has reported over 100 cases since June, ”Mandagiri Swamy, the Karwan corporator of the GHMC, told TNM. Like its colleagues, the group has been actively involved in combating mosquitoes, but it also believes that more needs to be done.

“Karwan Station is one of the places prone to dengue falls. There have been multiple deaths in the neighborhood due to dengue. We are next to the Musi River and there is a garbage dump that serves as a hatchery. We filed a motion with the court, spoke to the MLA and the minister to remove or clear the landfill, but not much has happened, ”he adds.

@KTRoffice Hi KTR Garu, This is the situation in the movie Nagar Rd No.12 next to Saibaba Mandir .. Lots of mosquitos and smelly smell .. As you know, Dengue cases in the city are currently increasing matter ASAP. Could you please direct GHMC officials to clean

– Sanand Vemulapalli (anSanandVemu) July 11, 2021

While the number of diseases is declining, in recent weeks GHMC has seen an increase in the population of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, which are responsible for transmitting dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses, reports the Times of India. Currently, at least 15 cases of Zika virus disease have been reported in Kerala. The GHMC measured the mosquito population with moskeet traps, captured and identified the mosquito species. The traps were set near waters in Nacharam, Malakpet, Langar Houz, Yousufguda, Moosapet, and Begumpet.

Dattatreyangar corporator Mohammad Zaker Baquery says his community is not near any body of water but still has a mosquito problem. “The overgrown hyacinths have turned the lakes into breeding grounds that are causing problems for the whole city. The fog efforts are only effective for a short period of time, ”he says.

Hyderabad has over 185 lakes, most of which are covered by water hyacinths. The company has put out tenders to remove these plants in 20 lakes.

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