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Dear editor;

I read with interest Vijay Naidoo’s column entitled (S) Lower South Coast Motto, which seems to be taken to heart by too many local businesses.

I agree with everything he said in his column.

We have been living in Umtentweni for a little over two years now and we really wanted to use local companies for the work we had to do in our house, what a big mistake that was.

From pool repairs to pest removal to roofing of electrics and plumbing to repairing driveways to a yo-yo tank installation. The only ones we haven’t had any real problems with are the electrician and the plumber.

Contractors down here always cry that they don’t have enough work, let’s see why.

The first hurdle for someone like me is that someone will call you back, the second is that after you make the appointment for the quote, you will be lucky when they show up and third, that the real work is done satisfactorily; Then, when there are problems, getting them back is a nightmare. This is when you get ghostly.

We had our driveway renewed by someone everywhere on social media and he got referred, he wasn’t the cheapest offer either, the job was really bad and the driveway started to crumble and dive in less than three months Holes.

More than a year later, despite having a one-year warranty, it refused to fix it and has haunted us ever since.

Our water tank installation was a disaster and we had to have our plumber redo all the work after becoming ghostly by the original plumber. So we paid double that for this job.

Our new gate motor installation was just as bad and after a few months we had to have someone else replace the entire installation, including another new gate motor. We paid twice for this job too.

We had an exterminator because of an ant problem, after they finished the job the ants didn’t go away, we called them after a couple of weeks and the tech said they couldn’t fix it then because of the rain but would come over? when it’s dried out.

It’s been about three months now and we’re ghosted no response to WhatsApp messages or emails.

I could go on like this, but I won’t.

Finally, what about the call charge? If they want the work, why not just come out and do the offer. Quotes are free in my shop.

Because of this, we will have to use contractors from Durban along with others.

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