Girl, 11, has a panic attack after finding a giant rat under the stove in the family home


Lauren Butler and her 11-year-old daughter Millie discovered a dead rat under their stove after noticing a “disgusting” smell in their kitchen. The girl with autism had a panic attack

Lauren Butler and her daughter Millie are traumatized after dead rats are found in their apartment

Image: Lauren Butler)

An autistic girl had a panic attack after finding a giant rat under her stove, her mother said.

Lauren Butler and her 11-year-old daughter Millie were traumatized, claiming housing company Clarion had ignored their complaints for over a month.

The woman noticed a “disgusting smell” coming from the kitchen on the property in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

At first she thought it was coming from her trash cans or washing machine, but after cleaning the smell was still there.

She told Herts Live: “Every time I turned on the stove the smell was unbearable.”

After a few days, Lauren’s father visited the house and found a huge dead rat with blood seeping across the kitchen floor.

A giant rat was found dead under the stove


Lauren butler)

Lauren’s 11-year-old daughter Millie, who suffers from autism, had a panic attack.

Lauren said the smell only got worse, leaving her with a headache and nausea.

She said, “I had to move out, we can’t live like this. I called and called Clarion to say there was a problem, they took poison away, but how are we supposed to deal with the dead rats? You’re in the walls. “

The first time Lauren contacted Clarion about the rats was August 16, but on September 19 she decided to call emergency pest control.

She said another rotting rat had been spotted spitting live maggots under her kitchen cabinets.

Lauren became even more anxious when pest control warned her that fleas from the dead rodent would be jumping around her home.

Lauren noticed a strong smell in her kitchen


Lauren butler)

The woman said, “It’s really traumatic every time I hear a noise – I’m paranoid and flinch.

“It really makes me depressed. My daughter is autistic, she needs routine, that has turned our whole world upside down.

“Now pest control has removed them and filled in the gaps they can come through.

“But they’re in the walls, it’s only a matter of time before they chew through and come back.

“It affects our entire building, everyone knows it’s a problem.

“I called and called Clarion but I had to pay to have them removed. I’m a single mom and full time carer for my daughter, I don’t have a lot of money, I had to borrow £ 1,000 to get rid of her.

“Now I am in debt to do something they should have done.”

Rats have left a trail of blood, maggots and a flea infestation in their home


Lauren butler)

Lauren desperately tries to get her daughter out of Bevan House on Ripon Way in Borehamwood and find a council house with a yard to play in, but with the rat infestation, she fears no one will trade with her.

A Clarion spokesperson said, “The safety and wellbeing of our residents is our top priority and we recognize the inconvenience that Ms. Butler and the other residents of Bevan House have experienced.

“We can confirm that our pest control companies visited the building to investigate the problem and installed municipal bait boxes and conducted a drainage survey.

“Ms. Butler has been kept informed of the progress of the treatments and has been informed that there will be ongoing treatments to correct the problem.

“We understand this was an uncomfortable situation for Ms. Butler’s family and others in the building and our local housing team will be in touch with her to discuss any further concerns.

“We will continue with the current treatment program and monitor the situation until it is resolved. We will continue to inform the residents regularly about the ongoing work. “

Lauren has confirmed that Clarion is organizing a pest control to visit the property in October and November, but as the stench continues to be unbearable, she fears there may be more dead rats in the apartment block.

An expert warned that giant rats are entering British homes through the toilet.

An expert warned that giant rats are invading British homes


Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Andrew Dellbridge, who heads Ace Pest Control, says rodents the “size of cats” are free in Norwich.

He said a customer found a giant rat swimming in her toilet bowl, which he said is becoming more common.

He explained, “She used the toilet and heard a noise. She looked down and it was in the toilet bowl. And that happens more and more often.

“They used to work around us, but now they have access that they would not have tried before.”

The Norwich City Council explained how to avoid infestation: “Try not to feed your pets outdoors. If you do, make sure you are present while they are being fed, and then remove any scraps of food afterwards.”

Meanwhile, Andrew’s company is urging the British to keep their toilet seats down and plug holes in windows and garage doors.

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Giant rats “the size of cats” are invading British homes through our toilets, warns an expert

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