Global Pest Control Market, 2021-2026 – Focus on Insects & Termites –

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The “Global Pest Control Market (2021 Edition) – Analysis of pest type (insect, termite, other), control method (chemical, mechanical, biological, other), by application, by region, by country: market insights and forecasts” with Impact of COVID-19 (2021-2026) “report was added to to offer.

The global pesticide market was estimated at $ 20,335.23 million in 2020, with North America leading the regional market share.

Distinguished companies

  • Rentokil Initial plc.

  • Rollins, INC.

  • Terminix Global Holdings, INC.

  • Ecolab

  • Antitimex

  • Dodson Pest Control

  • Arrow destroyer

  • Massey Services INC.

  • FMC Corporation

  • Koch’s pest control

Growing economic activities, population growth and the consequences of insects as well as the intolerance of pests are driving market growth. The growing demand for pest control services around the world is being driven in part by climate change, with an increase in fly-borne diseases that are likely to follow. To avert the worst case scenario, pest control services are said to become increasingly popular with consumers.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unparalleled global public health emergency that has affected almost every industry. The long-term effects are likely to have an impact on the growth of almost all industries over the forecast period. The pandemic is likely to increase awareness and surveillance of the potential for virus and disease introduction into any facility, including the office network, and one should not be surprised to see more laws and the potential for fines if businesses fail permit.

The performance of the pest control services is to be further improved through increased customer orientation and new product developments in areas such as air purification. Rapid urbanization along with an increasing world population will likely drive demand for buildings and infrastructure. According to the United Nations’ World Population Prospects 2017, the world population is projected to reach 8.6 billion more in 2030 and 1.2 billion more by 2050. This, in turn, is expected to fuel demand for pesticides in the years to come.

Scope of the report:

  • The report provides the analysis of the Pest Control Market for the historical period 2016-2020 and forecast period 2021-2026.

  • The report analyzes Pesticides Market by Value (MILLION USD).

  • The report analyzes the Pest Control Market by application (residential, commercial, other).

  • The report analyzes Pest Control Market by pest type (insect, termite, others).

  • The report analyzes Pest Control Market by control method (chemical, mechanical, biological, other).

  • The global pest control market has been analyzed by region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, LAMEA).

  • The global Pest Control Market has been analyzed by country (USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, China, India, Japan and Australia).

  • The main findings of the report were presented in the context of SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. In addition, the attractiveness of the market by region, by application, by type of pest and by control method was presented.

  • In addition, the most important opportunities, trends, drivers and challenges in the industry were analyzed in the report.

Key topics covered:

1. Scope of the report and methodology

2. Strategic recommendations

3. Pest Control Market: Product Overview

4. Global Pest Control Market: An Analysis

4.1 Market size, by value, year 2016-2026

4.2 Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Pest Control Market

4.3 Global Pest Control Market: Growth and Forecast

5. Global Pest Control Market By Application

6. Global Pest Control Market Segmentation By Pest Type

7. Global Pest Control Market Segmentation By Control Method

8. Global Pest Control Market: Regional Analysis

8.1 Global Pest Control Market Competitive Scenario: By Region (2020 & 2026)

9.North America Pest Control Market: An Analysis (2016-2026)

10. European Pest Control Market: An Analysis (2016-2026)

11. Asia Pacific Pest Control Market: An Analysis (2016-2026)

12. Global Pest Control Market Dynamics

12.1 Global Pesticide Market Drivers

12.2 Global Pesticide Market Restrictions

12.3 Global Pest Control Market Trends

13. Market attractiveness and strategic analysis

13.1 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Pesticides Market – By Application (Year 2026)

13.2 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Pest Control Market – By Pest Type (Year 2026)

13.3 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Pest Control Market – By Control Methodology (Year 2026)

13.4 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Pest Control Market – By Region (Year 2026)

14. Competitive landscape

14.1 Market share of leading global companies

14.2 SWOT Analysis – Global Pest Control Market

14.3 Porter Five Force Analysis – Global Pest Control Market

15. Global Pest Control Market: Mergers and Acquisitions

16. Company profiles (business description, financial analysis, business strategy)

17. About the publisher

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