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For those who’ve ever wished to slay a king, seize your weapon of alternative, gear up in your greatest armor, and put together to go to conflict with the Termite King. You may be properly in your strategy to lopping off a monarch’s head once you head out to interact with this dastardly foe.

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To a median individual, this may increasingly sound weird. While you’re trapped being sufficiently small to trip a Ladybug like a Shetland Pony, it makes plenty of sense to convey down one member of the royal bug household. Gamers of Grounded know what it is like.


Gearing Up

Battle preparation is the important thing to victory in any battle or sport. Failing to take action will lead to your enemy gaining the higher hand whilst you flail about earlier than being overwhelmed. On the point of tackle the King is not the one process you might have. There’s a slew of troopers between you and the Termite King.

All variations of the wood-eating bug are weak to Salty assaults so a salt-laced weapon is the most suitable choice. One might imagine the Salt Morningstar is the way in which to go, however not so quick. The Salt Morningstar solely offers generic injury, so gamers will get no added buffs as Termites are all weak to Stabbing injury. In the identical vein, they’re immune to slashing injury, so getting a slashing weapon with a salt increase will not assist. The best weapon for essentially the most injury you may deal is a Crossbow outfitted with Salt Arrows. Taking the Morningstar is not a foul backup, although.

Termites in any kind are thought-about Tier 3 enemies, and a participant ought to seize the suitable armor degree. Many choices have various stat buffs, however that is extra decided by particular person play-style greater than something. Black Ox Armor will be good to get off stuns with weapons that may cease you from being swarmed within the tunnels. Roly Poly Armor will help with blocking enemy assaults. All of it simply depends upon what sits comfortably in your shoulders.

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Lastly, a instrument is required. Now, that is the place issues get somewhat redundant. The instrument wanted to get to the Termite King is a Tier 3 axe that may lower by means of some components of the Wooden Pile Splinters. Avid gamers purchase this by combating Termites to make a Termite Axe. It’s important to battle Termites to achieve an merchandise that may allow you to battle extra Termites to get to the Termite King who will summon extra Termites to battle. That is plenty of Termites.

Attending to the King

The Termite King is like all nobles. Hiding deep inside his ‘citadel’ tunnels and behind his topics. That implies that to get an viewers with this large wood-muncher combating by means of waves of enemies in winding tunnels is important. He resides in a cave beneath the Wooden Pile. As soon as kitted out with the required gear, head into the Wooden Pile close to the bike, and start your descent into the lion’s den. Simply do not forget that axe to chop away some areas that you will have to press on by means of.

Alongside this pathway, gamers will encounter many Termites and Termite Troopers. Termites have a spit assault that does acid injury, however the Troopers don’t. Troopers are, nevertheless, the stronger of the 2 opponents. Just like the Termite King, each servants are weak to Salt assaults however will resist Recent Assaults. In addition they maintain a Spicy resistance not like their ruler, so possibly there’s something to these statements a couple of weak noble abdomen.

Termites hunt in teams extra usually than they’re seen alone, and that’s when they’re at their strongest. Kiting people away could take time, however it’s a good technique to make happening by means of the Termite Den simpler. If you find yourself caught with a celebration, be affected person and maintain a powerful guard going. Dodge any acid spit at a participant however watch the place it lands as meaning there may be now a pool of acid ready so that you can stroll over.

Not-a-Boss Struggle

As soon as you’ve got made your strategy to the King’s Chamber, it is time to tackle a median opponent. That is proper. This Royal is nothing greater than a faux. Properly, he’s nonetheless the Termite King, however he is not a boss. He is a Tier 3 enemy.

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There’s not a lot to this robust opponent. Many of the assaults will be side-stepped, however he’ll summon Termites which implies extra acid. Be sure you deal with them first to keep away from being blindsided by a late-hit acid assault. Surprisingly no Termite Troopers will come to their King’s aide, in order that’s one much less factor you will have to fret about.

The King’s well being bar could also be intimidating, however for essentially the most half, his assaults aren’t one thing out of this world. He has one stun that wants an ideal block to stop being caught up in it. Miss the timing on it, and that may lead to an enormous stun. Patterning out his chew assaults is straightforward sufficient as soon as his topics have fallen, but when they’re nonetheless up and a gamer will get shocked, there’s plenty of injury coming your means. He would not kick up any grime, nor does the King have a spit assault. Simply watch his chew patterns that mimic the smaller ones.

After defeating this imposter boss, and securing the chip he initially guards, the participant can farm the King. He has no distinctive drops that set him aside from his easier-to-kill counterparts, so there isn’t any actual level for this aside from bragging rights.

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