Homeowners in the valley face termites after monsoon storms

Termites can be small, but they can cause serious damage.

“It was very easy to see, you can even see a bit here,” says homeowner Jared Levin.

The recent monsoon storms are invading termites. Some homeowners say the problem popped up with them overnight.

“I didn’t want to sleep in the bedroom, so I went to the guest room,” says Levin.

Pest control experts say rain is the perfect environment for termites. They are attracted to the moisture in the soil and then look for their food source: wood. They make mud pipes in order to survive. If you see these inside or outside your home, it is a clear indication that you have termites.

“I guess I just didn’t know if they were going to come out, if they were doing something else, on the dogs, on us. Obviously this is in our bedroom so it’s not really the best place. “Says homeowner Erin Rogers.

Termite tubes can be built in just 12 hours. You can’t just get knocked down because these pests are back to work and producing more.

Jared and Erin decided to call Urban Desert Pest Control to treat the area. A technician eventually drilled holes in the concrete slab and then placed the product directly underneath. Treatment continued to the outside of the wall where the soil was dug and more product was used.

Termites can be seen in new and old homes of all kinds throughout the valley. They are responsible for approximately $ 5 billion in property damage each year, according to the National Pest Management Association.

“When the termites are active, depending on how active they are, they can definitely do serious damage beyond the drywall,” says Matthew Lane, an engineer at Urban Desert Pest Control.

While you can buy a spray to kill termites on the spot, you need a highly potent insecticide that exterminators use to kill the colony.

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