Hornet hives | Cedar Springs Post Newspaper

Friends Carol Tewksbury and June Brunett were out on Tuesday when they discovered this large beehive north of Cedar Springs.

June took a picture of it and Carol sent it to us. “This is on the north side of Egner Strasse. right on Cedar Springs Avenue, ”wrote Carol. “The beehive hangs over the street and it’s an impressive sight.”

We asked our local nature expert, Ranger Steve Mueller, what kind of beehive it might be.

“This is the nest of a hornet or a yellow jacket,” he wrote. “The nest grows all summer. But when it gets cold, all members of the colony die with the exception of the queen, who overwinters in a sheltered place such as under bark or in burrows. It is usually assumed that yellow vests have nests on the ground, and hornets have their nests on branches or under building curtains. The hornets and yellow vests are a bit difficult to separate. Hornets are insect eaters that help keep insects from becoming too common. “

Thanks to Carol and June for sending us the photo!

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