How cold temps in late March will impact insects this spring


SHERMAN, TX (KXII) – You may be tired of the cold by now. After all, it is the middle of March, but do the sub freezing temps mean we’ll wiggle our way out of lots of bugs this spring and summer?

Texoma weather isn’t ready to give in to spring quite yet, and pest control companies are keeping a close eye on it.

“Every day we get up and watch the weather and see what it’s going to do that day, what the projection is for the week, and all that because that tells us what bugs and what we need to be concerned about,” said Marlon Cole , owner of Cole’s Pest Control.

With snow blanketing much of the red river in early February, a sheet of ice covering it only a few weeks later, and icicles clinging on to winter Friday, Marlon Cole said bugs, like humans, are trying to stay out of it too.

“Just because you’re not seeing them right now doesn’t mean they’re not there,” said Cole.

The cold won’t affect bugs that live underground.

Even though it is in the low 30s above ground, it’s actually warmer below ground by about 20 degrees.

“Even in our coldest weather with the ice and the snow, if you’re digging down, I mean less than a foot, you’re going to find fifty, sixty-degree soil,” said Cole.

But he said the freezing temps can hold off spring insects from flying back into our lives that don’t have the option to hide underground.

“You’re not going to have flies, mosquitoes, some wasps, and all that until it really starts to warm up,” said Cole.

They may not bug us for a while if the weather consistently stays cold, but that doesn’t mean Texoma is off the hook.

“A lot of folks think that because it gets cold, they don’t need a pest service,” said Cole.

Cole said to prevent the insects now by calling your exterminator, so there won’t be anything to be antsy about once warmer weather finally blooms.

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