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UPSTATE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – We’ve got been seeing posts on social media about carpenter bee issues throughout The Upstate.

Clemson College Apiculture and Pollinator Program Coordinator Ben Powell says it’s simply that point of yr. Carpenter bees come out within the Spring to put eggs and pollinate.

One of many locations they generally lay eggs is within the wooden of locations like porches, decks, and barns.

The way in which you may distinguish carpenter bees from different bees is by taking a look at their backside. In contrast to bumblebees, their back-side is clean, shiny, black, and hairless; whereas bumblebees are fuzzy. And so they don’t make candy treats and journey in teams, like honeybees. Powell says they’re solitary.

“They reside by themselves. And so they make a burrow into the wooden the place they pack meals and lift their brood,” Powell mentioned.

Powell says their jaws can drill tunnels in wooden to put eggs. And carpenter bees can come again yr after yr to the identical spot due to it. Plus, if a woodpecker will get concerned, it might make the scenario a lot worse.

That’s the issue Melody Boyer was having, in Starr. Carpenter bees made a house out of her barn.

“It compromises your wooden buildings. And I’ve a whole lot of wooden buildings,” mentioned Boyer.

So, Boyer turned to Fb for assistance on easy methods to eliminate them. She tried filling holes with caulk, however mentioned it didn’t actually assist. Plus, she might barely discover a ladder that might attain the holes. Boyer additionally tried the mason jar traps, however there have been too many bees to make a distinction. She needed to name an expert.

“It has really been happening for a number of years, nevertheless it has been getting worse yearly,” Boyer continues, “The issue was rising. And it actually triggered a whole lot of injury to the wooden.”

We ran a few of the Fb cures by Powell to debunk or clarify:

Pouring motor oil within the gap – Not efficient as a result of the holes go in about an inch and switch sideways. So, it gained’t get to the larvae and may injury wooden

Caulking the opening – Carpenter bees can chew by means of that.

Placing WD-40 within the gap – Not really useful, can stain and injury or wooden

Peppermint or peppermint important oils – Although important oils are a pure pesticide, it’s not the most secure approach to go. No science behind it to show it really works, nevertheless it
can repel the bees. Nonetheless, bees forage on peppermint too.

Stuffing cotton within the gap – Carpenter bees might be able to dig by means of it, however might get caught in it. Both can occur.

Delta Mud (Deltametherin) – An insecticide that can kill the bees.

Make a pretend hornets nest with a brown paper bag, newspaper, grocery baggage – No knowledge to show it really scares bees away.

Citrus spray – Bees could act adversely, however it’s going to ultimately be soaked up within the wooden.

Vinegar spray – Bees could act adversely, however it’s going to ultimately be soaked up within the wooden.

Hair spray – Bees could act adversely, and it’s sticky, however it’s going to ultimately be soaked up within the wooden.

Mason jar entice hooked up to a block of wooden with a gap in it – This could work on a small variety of bees. Will entice the bees, as a result of they go into the opening and may’t
work out easy methods to get out.

Swatting on the bees with a tennis racket or one other object – It might assist with the males, as they guard burrows. Nonetheless, the females make the tunnels. So, it
probably gained’t management the foundation of the issue.

Portray your wooden – It’s a must to use an oil-based paint for it to assist as deterrent. Common paint gained’t do a lot.

Powell says utilizing an insecticide is one of the best follow. You should utilize a brush or spray within the gap to kill the larvae and deter the carpenter bees from returning. Then, pack the opening with one thing like carpenter’s putty.

“You’ll be able to really spray the floor of the wooden with a properly-labeled insecticide—sometimes they’re pyrethroids: permethrin, bifenthrin, cypermethrin. You discover, all of them type of have the identical title,” mentioned Powell, “And that can deter them from burrowing new holes, but when there are already holes current, simply spraying the floor is just not going to manage the bees.”

Boyer realized a lesson and is glad she made the best selection.

“It labored nice, however I’ll nonetheless have eggs within the wooden for subsequent season,” mentioned Boyer, “So, I’ll simply must get on it with an exterminator earlier subsequent yr and do repeat remedies.”

Although uncommon, feminine bees can also sting, however the males can’t. To lesson your probabilities, don’t try and seize or confine them your self.

Powell says please be tolerant, as these bees are pollinators. They assist make vegetables and fruit. In the event that they aren’t destroying your private home, depart them “bee.”


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