“It’s Getting Out of Control” – Check out the disgusting state of a rat-infested alleyway off Stowell Street in Newcastle


Dozens of rats are ravaging a back street in Newcastle city center as those working in the area demand action from City Council.

Packs of rats can be seen daily in the lane that runs behind Stowell Street and Newcastle’s city walls, according to workers and residents.

The lane stocks many industrial size bins which are collected by Newcastle City Council and used by the popular streets restaurants and bars.

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It’s understood that people in the area often see up to 12 rats in the side street at a time, and concerns have been raised that this is becoming a health hazard.

Tony Corcoran, secretary of the nearby Tyneside Irish Centre, said the problem has been there for years and is getting worse.

He said: “There are bugs on Stowell Street because of the rubbish left behind.

“The street behind Stowell Street, by the city walls, is full of rubbish bins.

“It’s an old, historical alley.

“I find it ridiculous to have it full of trash cans.

A rat on a side street off Stowell Street in Newcastle city centre.

“The rats can be seen early in the morning or late at night.

“I think the problem is getting worse.”

A man, who asked not to be named, said he had reported the rodents to Newcastle City Council and wanted to see local authorities take action to get rid of them.

“There were mornings when I easily saw a dozen rats,” he said.

“You only have to look down the back alley and you can see anywhere from three to a dozen rats without actually having to look for them.

“It’s getting out of hand and it’s a health hazard.”

Newcastle City Council said it would dispatch a pest control team to assess the situation and take action if necessary.

Some of the rubbish in the back alley behind Stowell Street, Newcastle.

Some of the rubbish in the back alley behind Stowell Street, Newcastle.

A council spokesman said: “We appreciate that rats can be of concern to residents and it is an issue we take very seriously.

“Our pest control service has not received any inquiries in this area recently, but we will be dispatching a team to assess the situation and take action if necessary.

“Rats are often attracted to rubbish bags left next to rubbish bins, so it is everyone’s responsibility to dispose of rubbish properly.

“Local residents and businesses can help by making sure all waste is bagged, placed in lidded containers and not overfilled.”

Any residents who have concerns about rats in their neighborhood can contact Newcastle City Council’s Envirocall hotline on 0191 278 7878.

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