Kilkenny Homes among those infested with bed bugs have a lift in their luggage – Kilkenny Now


Kilkenny vacationers have been urged to keep an eye out for bed bugs on their return from stays across the country.

Rentokil pest control experts say that a common cause of bed bugs spread is their transport of the pests through clothing and other luggage, so the bed bug problem of a hotel or rental accommodation can easily become a problem in your own home.

These pests feed on human blood, usually when homeowners are sleeping, and bed bug bites can be itchy and sore.

Unsurprisingly, Dublin has made the most bed bug calls so far this year, with 38% of all emergency calls in the capital, followed by Cork (21%), Galway (10%), Kerry (8%) and Monaghan (5th) . %).

Richard Faulkner, Rentokil’s Advanced Technical Field Consultant, said, “Bed bugs lay eggs and reproduce at an alarming rate, and the size of these pests can make them difficult to spot. Unfortunately, as summer ends and people return from stays across the country, it increases the risk of returning home with unwanted guests.

“We consider hotels, B & Bs and holiday homes to be particularly risky due to the high number of guests. We encourage vacationers to check both their room and luggage for any signs of bed bugs. We also recommend that if property owners notice a bed bug infestation, they take immediate action. “

Top warning signs for bed bugs:

  • The presence of dark spots on the mattress and the surrounding area from bed bug droppings.
  • An unpleasant, sweet, sickly smell in the room.
  • Small dark spots of blood on bed linen known as “fecal stains”.
  • Live insects – although small (4-5 mm long), it is possible to spot live bed bugs and shed their skins. The most important areas to check include bed frames and mattresses, bedside tables, wardrobes, and baseboards.


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