Local residents drop an “overwhelming” amount of hazardous waste at a city event | Local

Rapid City residents dropped approximately 5,000 gallons of hazardous household waste at the city’s October 16 event.

City officials said the response was “overwhelming” compared to the numbers of just over 2,500 gallons of hazardous materials in 2019 when 1,127 vehicles passed the gates of the Central States Fair for the event, compared to 650 in 2019.

Residents could drop off household items such as aerosols, stain removers, pool chemicals, antifreeze, pest control chemicals, lawn and garden chemicals, hobby chemicals, and more. The event takes place every two years.

According to a city news release, the city received 220 gallons of antifreeze, 650 gallons of flammable liquids, 3,974 gallons of miscellaneous liquids, and 1,079 fluorescent items.

The event will cost the city $ 70,000 to $ 100,000, which will be used by contractor Veolia Industrial Service of Blaine, Minnesota, to remove the waste. Ria Harper of the Solid Waste Division said the contractor only comes to the area a couple of times a year, so the event will likely be held every two years.

Harper said the Department of Agriculture dumped the herbicides and pesticides.

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She said the reason the event was so big this year is because people are doing more projects at home during the pandemic and the city is accepting latex paint.

“With a lot of people having more time at home this year, I think it was finally time to repaint the bathroom and bedroom,” she said.

Harper said this year’s event was likely an outlier due to the pandemic.

During the event, residents were able to drop non-perishable items for Feeding South Dakota. The city received 3,323 pounds of food and $ 2,505 in cash donations compared to the 1,920 pounds and $ 391 received in 2019. The donations will result in 10,286 meals for the food of South Dakota.

The Rapid City Landfill will not accept many of the items collected during the event. Items that can be picked up at the landfill can be found on the Solid Waste Division Facebook page and on the rapidcityrecycles.org website. Residents can also call the department at 605-355-3496.

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