Louay Shaker, Cecille Garcia Yalung: Dirty restaurant charges dropped

One of two pizza shop owners charged with food safety violations left the court when its 138 charges were dropped.

One of two people charged with allegedly filthy conditions in a cockroach-infested pizza bar in Adelaide was dropped on trial.

Louay Shaker, 37, and Cecille Garcia Yalung, 32, appeared in Adelaide Magistrates Court Monday for numerous food safety violations at Cici’s Pizza Kitchen in Hindmarsh.

Ms. Yalung had a total of 88 charges against her while Mr. Shaker faced 138, but the case against him was completely dropped while she appeared in court.

Judge Simon Smart told the defendant “You can go” as soon as the charges were withdrawn.

The court heard Ms. Yalung’s attorney request that the hearing be adjourned, which was due to be held on Monday.

He said he wanted to do more research on other similar cases and gather more information about his client’s personal circumstances.

An unimpressed Magistrate Smart said he had taken two hours to attend the hearing and that the adjournment of the matter would be “significant inconvenience”.

Paul Kelly, for the City of Charles Sturt, said the day was “totally wasted” and asked Ms. Yalung’s representative to pay for the day.

The magistrate said the cost issue could be examined after hearing the comments.

Outside the court, Mr. Shaker said he was “apparently” satisfied with the decision to drop the charges against him.

He or Ms. Yalung made further comments.

According to court documents, council inspectors found food on cockroach-infested benches, food past the expiration date, and raw chicken kept over vegetables in a refrigerator that was allegedly so dirty it could not be cleaned properly.

The documents also alleged the company sold a pizza that contained a staple food in June, and inspectors found moldy foods and liquefied vegetables in April last year.

Despite being ordered by Charles Sturt’s council to cease trading, they reportedly continued to do so.

Ms. Yalun is scheduled to reappear in November.

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