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FAIRFAX, Virginia – The Pest Management Foundation announced the availability of up to five grants. The foundation also announced the availability of up to $ 30,000 for research related to the pest control industry.

The Pest Management Foundation scholarship program awards up to five scholarships of up to $ 2,000 each outstanding students in accredited entomology programs at US colleges or universities. In return, a scholarship Scholarship holders are asked to provide a letter explaining how the scholarship will apply to them at their academic level Research efforts.

Eligibility for the scholarship. Currently enrolled undergraduates (Junior or Senior Year) or PhD students specializing in entomology with a focus on Urban pest control are eligible. Students must have completed at least two study semesters with at least one remaining year to graduation. Applicants must be full-time students with good academic status (3.0 GPA or better.) on the 4.0 scale). Only one scholarship is awarded per college or university per year.

Application process

• Submit your resume or résumé.

• Submit your current academic certificate.

• Submission of a (at least) one-page essay describing the applicant’s professional goals and desires and how he / she is plans to contribute to a field of urban pest control with their studies.

• A letter of recommendation from the academic advisory service for the degree program on the course of study and / or Research her potential contribution to urban pest control and his or her work ethic.

• Other supporting documents (research papers and proposals, faculty research participation, related industry) Internship participation, scholarship projects, industrial internships, etc.) can also be submitted.

• Application deadline: November 1st, 2021

What is the Pest Control Foundation? The mission and purpose of the Pest Management Foundation is to get the pest control industry through Education, research and training. Pest Management Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization affiliated with the National Pest Management Association, the only national trade group in the industry. The foundation was in has existed for more than 30 years and was originally built in honor of William O. Büttner, first President and Executive Vice President of the NPMA. A new fund has been set up in recent years honors Norman Goldenberg for his many years of service to the industry. Visit for more information.

For more information and application documents, contact Jim Fredericks by email:

[email protected]
The Pest Control Foundation
Application deadline: November 1st, 2021
10460 Nordstrasse
Fairfax, VA 22030

The Pest Management Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission and purpose is to make progress the pest control industry through education, research, and outreach. The foundation is happy announce availability of up to $ 30,000 for industry-related pest control research. the The foundation can finance one or more projects; However, the foundation reserves the right decline funding of any of the proposed submissions.

Requirements for the submission. Each submission should include a 1-2 page preliminary written proposal. Applicability to professional pests Control and specific benefits to the pest control industry should be in the tentative proposal. The formatting of the submission is flexible, with the exception that submissions do not exceed 2 pages.

Any preliminary proposal submission must include:

• Name and affiliation of the main auditor

• A summary that explains the proposed project succinctly.

• A brief explanation of the problem, the hypotheses and the description of methods and materials.

• An explanation of the goals / objectives of the research.

• A short schedule with the project milestones. Proposed projects must be submitted within. to be finished 18 months after the grant of the scholarship, with free extensions possible in individual cases.

• Total grant applied for. Note: 75% of the total amount of grants will be paid at the beginning of the Project; the remaining 25% will be sent to the Foundation, endowment.

• Note: The funds distributed by the Foundation are specifically allocated for the direct costs involved with the implementation, analysis and reporting of data and conclusions. Management fees proposed serves to provide direct administrative support for the project. Allocation of funds for indirect costs such as non-project-related administration fees or general university fees may not exceed five percent (5%). All funds spent are checked by the foundation or commissioned third parties. Suggestions should be emailed to Jim Fredericks: [email protected] The deadline for submitting preliminary proposals is Monday November 1st, 2021.

Review of submissions. Each submission is checked and considered by the Scientific Review of the Pest Management Foundation Committee. The foundation can conduct interviews with applicants at its own discretion. When examining each submission, the Foundation takes the following into account:

• Merits and usefulness of the proposed project;

• Applicability to the pest control industry;

• Indicated benefits the pest control industry will derive from research, such as: measurable evidence of the effectiveness of the industry’s services, improved employees Productivity, reduced operating costs, identification of new, profitable services or insights into Pest biology or behavior.

Based on the assessment of the preliminary proposals, selected projects are requested to submit more comprehensive proposals, including detailed budget and method descriptions.

Additional inquiries: If you have any questions about this document, please contact Jim Fredericks, Executive Director, Pest Management Foundation, at [email protected]

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