Melrose addresses the influx of rat encounters with neighbors – Boston 25 News

MELROSE, Mass. – People in several neighborhoods of Melrose say an influx of rats has infiltrated their properties. City guides met with concerned neighbors on Monday evening to address the issue.

Pest control experts offered advice to dozens of homeowners on how to minimize rodent encounters on private properties. This also includes looking out for conditions such as exposed trash, bird feeders, garden litter, and feeding pets outdoors.

Several residents expressed frustration, saying they felt they did everything they could to keep the rats away.

“My neighbors keep their houses and so do I. I would like to have a barbecue in my garden and we haven’t been able to do that for four years, ”said resident Liz Goodwin.

Some neighbors said they had been dealing with an increase in rat sightings for several years. Others told Boston 25 News the problem didn’t start until this summer.

“I can’t even use my garden. I am afraid to go out at night. I won’t even go to my garbage can, ”said resident Maria Berardi. “Now I can’t even open my door because they’re coming right outside my door!”

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Berardi and other neighbors said they paid for the pest control and got no results.

“The bait boxes, I just checked one of them and it’s on the side. They are so big that they knock them all over to get out of them, ”added Berardi.

Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur told Boston 25 News that the city is working on a more specific plan to address the dilemma.

“I 100% sympathize with the concern and frustration and we are working on it,” said Brodeur. “It’s a public health issue and we really want to get our hands on it.”

Brodeur isn’t entirely sure what contributes to what some call an increase in rodent activity. He speculated on two possible contributing factors: all of the rain we got this summer and a new MBTA railroad bridge creating vibrations.

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