Michigan’s fall pest forecast has increased with stinging insects, with more rodents trying to get into the house

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The National Pest Management Association has released its semi-annual forecast of pest activity that Americans can expect from fall through winter.

The NPMA’s Bug Barometer forecast is based on weather patterns, long-term forecasts and the biological behavior of pests.

According to the group’s entomology team, a mild, humid summer season will lead to increased pest activity in much of the United States as predictions predict a bitterly cold winter.

“As much as we all love to soak and be outdoors in summer weather, extended periods of warmer temperatures in the US this fall will increase pest pressure and allow stinging insects and disease-transmitting pests such as ticks and mosquitoes to feel welcome longer in certain regions of the world USA, ”said Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., chief entomologist at NPMA.

The forecast divides the US into regions. Experts await for the Great Lakes region

The activity of the stinging insects is highest in late summer and early fall, until temperatures begin to drop.

Additionally, bitterly cold temperatures and below-average rainfall forecast for this winter could drive rodents into the home earlier and in search of cold weather protection, the report said.

“Much like their human counterparts, rodents and hibernating pests such as boxelder beetles and cluster flies will scurry into homes to escape the elements predicted for the upcoming winter season,” Fredericks said.

“Rodents, although small, can transmit diseases to humans and are able to chew through wood and electrical cables, which increases the risk of electrical fires. Therefore, it is important to work with a licensed pest controller at the first sign of an infestation before it gets out of hand. “

The NPMA’s Bug Barometer forecast can be viewed in full here.

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