Minter Magic combats the impact of fruit flies in Mildura

In September, Citrus Australia posted a short video highlighting Darren Minter’s pest control measures, Minter Magic, Mildura. In the video, Mr. Minter shows the tractor-mounted device used to suppress fruit flies in his orange and tango plantations. The structure includes the salvaged spray tank with three-point suspension, which is equipped with two opposite horizontal arms, which are positioned approximately at tree trunk height.

The spray arms are protected by a box profile to prevent damage when they come into contact with branches. The orchard is sprayed with a combination of Fruition Xanthan Gum, Fruition Natflav 500 (a yeast bait) and an insecticide mixed together the day before use.

Mr. Minter said he had basic weed killing nozzles attached to the rig that are angled towards the lower foliage. “Inexpensive and easy,” said Mr Minter. “With this machine we can actually spray up to 25 km / h through the orchard, so it doesn’t take long.”

Click here to view a video on the subject.


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