Mistakes in restaurant inspections from Miami FL to Palm Beach

We’re about to get to The Sick and Shut Down List, our weekly list of restaurants in South Florida that failed inspection, but based first on emails we received …

STOP! EXACTLY HERE! STOP! READ THIS! WE REQUEST! What follows is from Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation restaurant inspections in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties. A restaurant that fails the state inspection will remain closed until it is re-inspected.

If you discover a problem and want to inspect a location, contact the DBPR. Do not call us. Do not send us an email. We do not control who is controlled and how strictly the inspector controls. Let’s say that again – we don’t control who is inspected.

We do not include all violations, only the most moving, whether internal or literally moving (because it is alive or once lived). Some violations are corrected after the inspector points them out, but you have to ask yourself why the violations exist in the first place? And how long would they have stayed without the inspection?

We report without passion or prejudice, but hopefully with a good dose of humor.

In alphabetic order…

Bahamian Reef Seafood Restaurant, 7836 NW 44th St., Sunrise: Eight violations, two high priority.

Only nine live cockroaches, but seven of them “crawled on the cutting board”.

“Hand wash basin is not always accessible for employees. Gallon of milk stored in it. ”A violation that a) states that hand washing is not exactly Nutella popular in this place and b) begs the question:“ Why is the milk not kept in the refrigerator? ”

The reef was right for the re-inspection on Thursday.

Bake Shack, 238 Federal Hwy., Dania Beach: Eight violations total, four high priority.

Not sure if the name suggests activities before or after visiting this restaurant.

The 60 pieces of rodent droppings in the dry storage room could be a mockery of the rodent trap in this room.

Three knives lay on a dirty prep table. Sure the staff would have run it through the dishwasher, but the dishwasher wasn’t disinfectant.

The coleslaw in the cooler was 51 degrees. Must be at 41 degrees or less. Garbage filler.

They reopened after the re-inspection on August 3rd.

Boston Market, 12500 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami: A total of seven violations, one high priority violation.

The inspector saw five live cockroaches on the wall behind the prep table and eight live cockroaches on the wall behind the flour mixer. Two dead cockroaches were elsewhere.

“Observed pipe leaking under the hand basin in the kitchen area.” So either nobody washes their hands that often or you have to be Caeleb Dressel to get around the kitchen.

“Observed leftovers in the oven.” Get out of the easy off, Taylor.

Boston Market passed the re-inspection on August 4th.

Carrot Express, 10 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton: Eight total violations, six high priority violations.

Three flies landed on cleaned and disinfected utensils, five landed on dressing bottles and five hung on the walls outside the toilets in the dining area (little freaks). Another 20 were on the laundry bag next to the triple sink and we really don’t want to think about what’s in a fly magnet laundry bag next to a triple sink.

The label on the juice shots made in the store had a name and nothing else, a no-go, because on such labels you have to note when it was packaged and where it was prepared.

Rice, quinoa, black beans, and soup, which had to be at least 135 degrees for safe hot storage, were 115, 115, 115 and 102, respectively.

Passed the re-examination on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Golden Rule Seafood, 17505 S. Dixie Hwy., Palmetto Bay: 22 total violations, three high priority violations.

Is this golden rule, “Add the dirt that has been done to you to others?”

Hamburger buns and salad were tossed after the flies used them like the runways at Miami International Airport. There were three flies over the spice bottles. Another 19 flies enriched the air in the kitchen and service area.

The inspector saw a worker dry his hands “several times on a dirty apron”.

Happy breathing. “Observes accumulated grease on the tiles above the kitchen area, including accumulated dust on appliances attached to the ceiling to indicate orders.”

“Observed that 2 tiles above ice machines in the fish market are missing.”

“Observed operator dried clean plates and utensils with a towel after the dishwasher was rinsed.” So the guy with the towel simply made the disinfection part of the dishwasher function pointless.

Golden Rule was back in business after re-inspection on August 3rd.

Luka Restaurant, 11402 NW 41st St., Doral: 20 violations in total, four violations with high priority.

Someone gets a clap or learns how to clap.

Over 12 flies on a wall next to the front cash desk. Over 15 flies on a wipe on the front hand basin. Imagine you pick up the cloth and what do you wipe with it (now, be nice). Over eight flies on syrup pump bottles at the coffee station. Over 37 flies elsewhere.

“Build-up of black / green mold-like substance” in an ice maker container.

“Shell eggs in use or stored with cracks or broken shells.”

Oh, our pet nuisance violation … “Knives in use that are kept in cracks between pieces of equipment. Observed knives that are kept between the wall and the sink with three compartments in the kitchen area. “

Have you examined the gap between your equipment and counters? With the old crumbs, fat and dirt down there?

No soap on the hand basin behind the kitchen door.

Luka was back in business on Blue Star after the re-inspection on Wednesday.

Piazza Italia, 904 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale: 11 total violations, three high priority violations.

When you set the traps, you need to clean them up. “About 15 dead insects in the trap-nest desk by the back door.”

As for the flies that avoided being caught (“Escape” is the better album anyway), there were about 20 “at the entrance to the bar, on and around the soda gun”. Another 10 were on and around the whiskey dispenser.

Several soda guns on the inside ledge made the inspection “food contact surface contaminated with food residue, mold-like substance or slime”.

“Ice scoop in use, stored on a dirty surface between uses. Ice scoop stored on dirty surface of ice machine. Advised the operator to store in a clean / disinfected container. ”Good luck with the inspector not looking.

Overall impression: those who eat here drink at home.

The dishwasher did not disinfect the dishes.

The piazza remained closed after failing its first re-inspection on Aug. 4, but made it after a second chance the same day.

Sushi Song Hollywood, 1810 S. Young Cir., Hollywood: Six total violations, three high priority violations.

This somehow escaped us last week.

“Four live cockroaches in the oven on the cooking line.” Add texture?

The seemingly worthless flip-top cooler and one-way cooler didn’t keep any of these foods cool enough to keep: tofu, cooked noodles, chicken dumplings, ribeye steak, pork bellies, salmon, yellowtail, cooked lobster, and cooked shrimp.

“Accumulation of black / green mold-like substance inside the ice maker / bucket at the bar.”

Passed re-examination on August 2nd.

Taverna Kyma, 6298 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton: 23 total violations, five high priority violations.

“Tape hangs over the food / food prep area / food contact equipment” such as over the prep table and microwaves.

The flies landed on a rack with cooked peppers, gloves, and plastic wrap, but avoided peppers and gloves. Three were playing on a prep table, one was playing on a cutting board on which zucchini was being sliced. One landed on a lemon pan, three others on freshly washed dishes. Five soiled drink pistols, pans, liquor bottles and a cutting board at the bar.

Reading test: what did you find in the ice cream maker? If you were paying attention, you replied, “a build-up of black / green mold-like substance inside the ice maker / ice bucket.”

The coolers were 51 degrees, so the cooked lamb, cooked fish, cooked meatballs, and butter were logically too warm to store safely. Basura.

“Observed tube of raw beef cut in half in the keg cooler, not covered.” Cover your beef, Sparky.

Kyma failed a re-inspection the same day on Thursday and then passed the re-inspection on Friday.

Vincent’s Bistro, 516 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth: Seven violations total, one high priority violation.

Only 20 live cockroaches, but they were sturdy suckers that survived two consecutive inspections. One acted as a bouncer on the floor next to the kitchen door, the rest was somehow quiet. Maybe they poured something out for the nine cockroaches that couldn’t be there, including the two legs on a window ledge.

“Chef prepares food for loose head hair without the need for hair.” Come on, Messi, put on a chef’s hat, a felt hat, or a raspberry hat.

Vincent was unable to get rid of the cockroaches on the Saturday re-inspection or the rare Sunday re-inspection.

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